Hotel Yak & Yeti Celebrates International Yoga Day

21, Jun 2019 |

An effective session on yoga was conducted by International Corporate Trainer, Neeva Mathema Pradhan in Regal Hall at Hotel Yak & Yeti on June 21

Hotel Yak & Yeti hosted a yoga session at 7:00 am in the Regal Hall on the occasion of International Yoga Day, observed annually on June 21. This event was facilitated by International Corporate Trainer, Neeva Mathema Pradhan and her team from the Art of Living Foundation. The event was attended by yoga practitioners, the in-house guests, staff members and media.

An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly on June 21, 2015. And today people are celebrating the 5th anniversary of International Yoga Day.

International Corporate Trainer, Neeva Mathema said, “Yoga is a balancing act and it helps me to be centred. Yoga has been an opportunity to get the maximum out of what life has in offer for me and give my maximum effort for any purpose.” She explained, “Yoga is not just physical stretches but also an act of flexing one’s mind, leading one to be more connected to oneself and in turn being more connected to others.” She exclaimed, “It is a cheerful aspect that yoga has become a trend rather than something hidden and only done by old people.”

A refreshing and relaxing yoga session was conducted by the Instructor form the Art of Living Foundation where everyone enjoyed to their fullest. All the guests participated actively in the yoga workshop. After the training, the guests were invited for a fresh and healthy breakfast.

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