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24, Apr 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

On the horizon for cycling enthusiasts, Thamserku Trekking introduces e-bikes for the first time in Nepal

One among the few pleasures in life are taking in and absorbing your surroundings. An awakening of your senses is almost immediate when you leave your daily grind, and most certainly when you leave the dust bowl and drive towards the quaint old town of Bhaktapur.

An early start is always ideal to beat traffic here in the valley so once you’re started prepare for an active day; a backpack with bottled water, a snack or two for pit stops, comfortable clothing and shoes are a must while sunglasses and a little sunscreen won’t hurt.

The smell of fresh dew lingered in the air as the morning sun greeted us, an enthused group of six. A rumbling adventure was underway and I was hardly aware of what the day had in store for me. We began in Siddha Pokhari; for someone who hadn’t ridden a bike in years, I managed to keep my composure and hastily tried to get myself acquainted with the bike.

Its specifications were a little unnerving, but this mean machine by Scott had the power and potential to take me further with much ease. A convenient and healthy means of transport, a bike can be your best friend. But a bike this intelligent, active and sustainable is easily your numero uno.

These e-bikes come with state-of-the-art hydraulics, suspensions and motor. Its sharp LED display with bluetooth connectivity equips the rider with three modes (adjustable to difficulty and terrain): Eco, Trail and Boost.

Slowly pedalling towards Bhaktapur Durbar Square, I was equally elated and overwhelmed by this storybook town’s intense and vibrant soul. Bustling town squares, busy tea shops and tourists walking around with a hint of glimmer in their eyes is a regular sight.

Cycling around the Pottery Square and stopping for a steaming cup of tea, we then further rode into the backstreets. Observing the Peacock Window, works of Thangka artisans, the Nyatapola Temple, Dattatreya Square and numerous ancient palaces – all the while getting perfect shots – was a morning well-spent. Greeted by a pair of imminent stone carved lions and amused by marvels of architecture, a maze of culturally thriving alleys resonated with me long-after we left.

Past the honking of horns and the flurry of locals were the picturesque fields— terraced, green and vast. The plain terrain gradually took an upward elevation and I knew my slow, concentrated breaths were numbered. Pedalling all this while on Eco mode, my thighs were burning and gave way merely 10 minutes into the ride. Now, this was where the e-bike would actively participate and give me some time to breathe.

At the push of a button, the Trail mode consistently removed a weight of my shoulders and it fairly took a second or two. Instead of gasping for air I was thoroughly enjoying the pleasant breeze in my hair and the natural landscapes before me.

Getting to know the rhythm of bike and its power, I gently paced my footwork. After this it was not a struggle, rather an experience to just relish the country life and its simple pleasures. My cognitive functions were at a high, navigating the world around me.

A toggle of the gears teamed with the Boost mode on the bike certainly allowed me to overcome a few tricky steep trails. Every person on a bike was a novice once, so comfortably adjusting to the ups and downs, it was a smooth sail all the way to Nagarkot even for a beginner like myself. With much assurance, experts and enthusiasts would love the thrill of trails around the valley.

On the forefront of adventure tourism, Thamserku Trekking defines e-biking in Nepal. Conducting several customised day-trips around the valley to Shivapuri, heritage rides from Basantapur to Patan Durbar Square and lengthier ones all the way to Lo Manthang, they offer quite the itinerary for seasoned as well novice travellers.


For further details contact:

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Product Manager

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Text: Rebecca Shrestha

Photos: Pratik Malakar



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