A Photographic Presentation: Aesthetics Of Nepali Architecture

21, Mar 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

To indulge in the fine Nepali architecture is to let oneself perforate into the cultural complexity and diversity of Nepal

Nepali architecture is a unique blend of design and formal structures, reflecting the distinctive Nepali lifestyle. Be it on the streets of Kathmandu or on every nook and cranny of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, you will surely stumble upon some artifacts that are centuries old. Gazing at these cultural strongholds makes you realize that there is a thousand-year-old history hidden within. You can find an astonishing variety of creativity boldly manifested in such structures. With diversity in the architectural structure in Nepal, there are myriad styles including the Pagoda style, the Stupa style, and the Shikhara style, some of which are linked by a similarity of constructional pattern and materials, integrated by the indigenous elements from local. These pieces of art lavishly display the skill and imagination woven together to form a masterpiece.

 Prayers and hopes, life and death, the Pashupatinath complex embraces visitors of their own purpose.


Survival, destruction and reconstruction of thousand-year-old history.

These ornate windows have been described as a symbol of Newar artistry.

Particularly made with stones and bricks, a traditional styled house lay untouched by modernisation.

 Locals sun-basking under this elaborately carved Shikhara temple.

These aesthetically shaped and carved patterns on wooden beams reflect the best of Newari artisans.

This Royal building at Basantapur held the palaces of the Malla and Shah Kings who ruled over the city.

An array of similarly constructed small houses of different deities.

Accommodating business offices and clothing stores, these buildings have a hint of both classical and modern architecture.

A whitewashed resemblance of old building around Pashupatinath area

Text: Akriti Magar

Photos: Nischal Thapa

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