Sonam Lhosar - The festival of Tamang community

5, Feb 2019 |

Sonam Lhosar never fails to deliver an attractive parade of cultural dances, customs and traditions.

Sonam Lhosar is an important festival for the Tamang community in the country that marks the beginning of their New Year. The name, ‘Lho’ and ‘Sar’ itself translates to the new year or fresh start, and the word ‘Sonam’ is referred to Tamang people in Nepal, thus the name ‘Sonam Lhosar’.

During this festival, people make it a point to clean their houses and vicinity to host routine pujas at home or even visit monasteries for blessings. The Lama and gurus gather, and dances are performed.

Monasteries are attractively adorned with colourful decorative items, especially if you make a round of the main stupas of Kathmandu valley Boudhanath and Swayambunath Stupa. People take blessings from monks for their progress, prosperity, and happiness. The events are followed by extensive feasts at homes where families bond.

In Kathmandu valley, the day is usually marked by several cultural programmes. And Tundikhel hosts the largest gathering. Food stalls, dances, peace rallies, all exhibit the unique culture and customs of the Tamang ethnicity.



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