Arniko Room’s Aromatic Hot Pot for the Bon Vivant

Hotel Annapurna’s Chinese outlet, Arniko Room sets to serve the most simple yet extravagant Tibetan dish -- Gyakok

11, Jan 2019 |

Kathmandu winters have grown seemingly harsher over the years, and what better way to beat the cold than with a boiling pot of steaming soup, noodles, veggies and proteins.

Arniko Room, one of Kathmandu’s finest Chinese restaurants, located inside Hotel Annapurna has begun serving their famed and favoured Tibetan hotpot, Gyakok, again. The eatery is placed in a quiet setting that has its walls and floors lined with the iconic red and brown -- colours typically associated with a Chinese food place. You can also see their intricate wooden panel painted with the most regal artwork that also dots the walls. The room oozes authenticity and familiarity at the same time and gives off the typical Asian eatery vibe that every Chinese cuisine connoisseur adores.

A great Tibetan delicacy, Gyakok is the region’s take on a familial stew that comes in a specially designed copper pot which keeps the broth at a constant simmer. Inside the pot, you are served an assortment of earthy mushrooms, healthy vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, broccoli), luscious tofu, tender chicken, freshest seafood (fish balls, shrimp, octopus, squid) and delicate glass noodles, all tied together by the most redolent of broths. Along with the mountainous pile of protein and soupy goodness, steamed buns filled with delicious mushroom stuffing are also served as a side dish. And the guests can adjust the flavour of the dish according to their liking by adding the various condiments available.

Every element of the dish is nutritional and delectable. You have your greens, carbs, fibres, minerals, proteins and vitamins, all placed inside one big steaming pot. The pieces of chicken are juicy, the vegetables perfectly steamed and packed with flavours from the broth, the diversity of mushrooms oozed umami with every bite, the vast array of seafood is enough to please any foodie, the glass noodles are cooked to an al dente and the perfectly seasoned rich soup, (which by the way, you can keep adding to the pot!) made every bite feel like an explosion of comfort and all things wonderful. Arniko Room’s Gyakok is a homey dish for family and friends- you have to share the large pot on a cold winter night over a few drinks and hearty conversations.

With eager staff members who warmly receive you at the entrance and thoroughly answer every query, the Gyakok at Arniko Room is a thing you must try and experience. With a seperate menu for the food that caters to the likes and dislikes of any eater, guests have the opportunity to choose from vegetarian, chicken, seafood and mixed options. So, it is highly recommended that you take some time to visit Hotel Annapurna’s Arniko Room and try their beloved Gyakok for the amazing taste of Tibet. 

The Vegetarian Hot Pot is priced at Rs. 1500 per person, the Chicken Hot Pot is priced at Rs. 1800 per person, the Seafood Hot Pot is priced at Rs. 2000 per person and the Mixed Hot Pot is priced at Rs. 2200 per person. The prices are subjective to additional taxes.

Starting January 6th, 12 PM onwards, Arniko Room will be serving their Himalayan Hot Pot at Hotel Annapurna. For reservations, please contact 4221711. 

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