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4, Dec 2018 |

Experience the ever-changing city of Doha, the newly constructed parks, museums, malls, skyscrapers, and wallow in the gorgeous beaches and promenades enjoying the spectacular ocean view.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar is a city in making, with its artificial islands and new concrete structures constantly changing its skyline. The tiny oil and gas-rich nation of Qatar are constantly investing in building modern and different structures.

After Doha was selected to host the 2022 World Cup, the global spotlight was shone on the Qatari capital; it’s a new city in the rise and definitely worth a visit with its new five star hotels and mammoths malls alongside traditional souqs and mosques. Doha brings together old world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication, the chance to enjoy a rich cultural tapestry, new experiences, and adventures.

Some of the places which are not to be missed in your visit to Doha are listed as below:

Doha Corniche


The Doha Corniche is indisputably the most attractive part of Doha studded with exciting green surroundings and remarkable modern architecture. The Corniche is a waterfront palm-fringed boulevard and twin carriageway extends in a horseshoe shape and runs 7 km along the Doha Bay and the city's sea-front.

The place is popular with walkers, skaters, joggers, and people love to stroll along the Corniche, especially during the pleasant evenings, having a breathtaking view on the skyline and a good look at all the illuminated monuments.

Souq Waqif


Considered one of the best locations for tourists within Doha, this recently renovated souq is noted for its traditional garments, spices, perfumes, handicrafts, and souvenirs, even gold, and falcons. It is located in the district of Al Souq which is situated in the centre of Doha. It also houses dozens of restaurants and Shisha lounges. It is often perceived to be the only lasting area in Doha that retains an authentic Qatari feel notably in reference to its commerce, architecture, and culture. The area is a very popular with locals and expats alike as it offers multiple dining options in the same location. It also hosts several art galleries, events, and local concerts. A yearly spring festival is held around April which hosts many theatrics, aerobatics, and musical performances.

Museum of Islamic Art


The Museum of Islamic art is a museum located on one end of the seven kilometres long cornice in the Qatari Capital. Designed by world-renowned architect, I.M. Pei, the MIA building has become an icon. The building is made from limestone, which captures hourly changes in light and shade.

The museum houses a collection of work gathered since the late 1980’s including paintings, glassworks, metal works, manuscripts, textiles, and ceramics. It represents Islamic art from three continents and dating from the 7th to the 19th century.

The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl- Qatar is a man-made island off the west bay coast featuring Mediterranean-style yacht-lined marinas, up market residential towers, villas and internationally renowned hotels as well as luxury shopping at top brand name boutiques and showrooms. The chic elegance, outdoor atmosphere, and al fresco dining is a major attraction of this place.

Katara culture village


Katara is a cultural village located on the eastern coast of West Bay and the Pearl. An innovative interpretation of the region’s architectural heritage, this purpose-built development houses impressive theaters, galleries and performances venues which stage lively year-round programs, concerts, shows, and exhibitions.

Visitors can also find an array of restaurants from local to fine-dining which offers a variety of cuisines alongside a stroll in the well maintained public beach with various water sports.

Al Zubarah Fort


Al Zubarah fort is a historic Qatari military fortress located on the north-western coast of the Qatari peninsula. This immaculately restored UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most extensive and best-preserved examples of an 18th- 19th-century settlement in the region.

It covers the remains of a walled coastal town that once ranked as one of the Gulf’s most important pearl diving and trading centers with links extending to the Indian Ocean.

Khor-al adaid

Khor-al adaid or the inland sea is one of Qatar’s most impressive natural wonders. Located some 60kms from Doha in the south-east corner of the country, this is one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert. This is a place where the desert doesn’t just meet the sea but surrounds it. Inaccessible by road, this tranquil expanse of water can only be reached by across the rolling dunes.


Compiled by Nisha Maharajan


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