Feel the Thamel vibe at Phat Khat

20, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Immerse in your thoughts and chill to your heart’s desire inside the comfortable galleries of Phat Khat

If you have ever wandered around Thamel searching for a place that captures its aesthetics, then Phat Khat is the right choice for you. Located in the alley opposite to Pilgrims Books Store, soft tunes drift out off Phat Khat into the street of Thamel to invite you into this unique Restro Bar and Art Gallery. The entrance to Phat Khat is a colorful store filled with antiquities and souvenirs which leads to a courtyard that houses Phat Khat upstairs.

What once started as a humble lodge business in the Annapurna circuit is now a full-time business attracting foreign as well as a domestic crowd in the heart of tourist hub, Thamel. What’s more intriguing about it is that every furniture and décor is hand-picked and creatively achieved by the use of recycled wood. Many people are fascinated by the name Phat Khat which according to the owner, is derived from two Nepali words, 'Phat' a Nepali slang and 'Kath', a Nepali word for wood. Due to its popularity amongst its customers, they are in process of opening a new branch here in Kathmandu along with developing Phat Khat hostel in Pokhara.

Once you enter Phat Khat, it won’t take you long to feel relaxed and let go of everything and settle down in the craftsmanship of Phat Khat. The cozy and comfortable vibe will force you to let go of every stressful thing that is bothering you. You can just take a chill pill and indulge yourself in the delicious food that Phat Khat has to offer or engage yourself in the various board games that Phat Khat puts on display. You can even take a book to read and just enjoy a cup of coffee that the barista at Phat Khat has to offer. Phat Khat has that laid-back environment accompanied with good music where you can spend hours un-interrupted and have your work done in peace.

Phat Khat has four different lounges for you to try. The décor is subtly done to provide vibrancy to the place. You might not get a fine dining experience here, but it’s an ideal place to hang out with your friends enjoying their mix of groovy tunes and grab a glass of chilled beer.

The house special Phat Burger is an experience that will take you back time and again. It’s a sloppy, delicious barely held together mouthful of hot meaty deliciousness with beef, bacon, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, with a side of crunchy fries. It’s a complete meal that leaves your stomach and heart content. Some bite of delectable cheese balls goes down perfectly with it. You can also enjoy a plate of their delicious steak (chicken, fish or beef) along with a side dish of mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. If it is your first time, trying out their crepes and galettes is a must.

The goal of this whole establishment is to make the customers visit Phat Khat again. The owner believes in serving the guests with a smile and providing them with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere so that it guarantees their visit in the future. So go and immerse in your thoughts and relax inside the comfortable galleries of Phat Khat and chill to your heart’s desire, you will find that it's a place like nowhere else.



Nisha Maharjan is a content writer at Nepal Traveller.

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