Subtle French Twist on an Indian Taste

20, Dec 2018 |

Le Mirch stands out from the growing number of fine dine restaurants in town due to its French twist on Indian delicacies

Le Mirch stands out from the growing number of fine dine restaurants in town due to its French twist on Indian delicacies. Situated on the second floor of Labim Mall, Le Mirch is more than just an Indian restaurant. It has tried to combine the bold, exciting and spicy flavours from India with an elegant and sophisticated taste of France to showcase a contemporary dining experience.  This outlet of Le Mirch restaurant is a franchise of the Le Mirch in Washington D.C. 

Le Mirch is a perfect place to dine if you are looking for spicy, sweet and delectable delicacies. Furthermore, the classy ambience of the eatery adds a sophisticated feel to your experience. From the dim yellow lights to its intricately designed interiors; you will be impressed by the quintessential detailing used to decorate the place. The elaborately designed bar that you will come across immediately after stepping into the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing and makes the restaurant look more luxurious. In addition, the abstract paintings hung on one of the walls make the interiors artsier. A large picture of White House hung amidst the middle of the paintings, symbolically represents its outlet in D.C. The modern furniture and the seating arrangement complements with the vibe of the place, which moreover adds edginess to it. Overall, Le Mirch’s chic and elegant ambience is bound to leave you impressed. 

After we were seated, the manager greeted us with a warm and friendly welcome. We were then offered chilled drinks to replenish from the heat. For starters, we asked the manager to present us with their most popular appetizers. The best seller dish ‘Les Epinards’, was first served at the table. When we think of Indian street food, Chaat is something that immediately pops up. Les Epinards is a dish that has tried to inculcate the concept of Chaat in a more sophisticated style and by giving it a French twist. Made with the concept of Bhelpuri, Les Epinards is one of the most unique dishes served here. The Bhel is substituted with fried spinach here which is crunchy and light. The Tamarind sauce combined with yoghurt blends perfectly with the fried spinach making it a delight to your palate. 

We were then presented with yet another popular appetizer ‘A la Crevette’, a popular dish from their menu. The dish consists of shrimp with herb butter sauce. The herb butter sauce adds bold and spicy flavours to the shrimp. Although I do not like shrimp, the sauce made the dish scrumptious and delicious. This dish is usually served with mini naan bites. It is a pan sautéed shrimp cooked with basil pesto sauce.

The much-awaited Non-Veg Platter finally arrived at the table. The platter consisted of Creme Grilled Chicken, Shargill Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Kebab. The platter is bound to impress everyone at first glance itself. The powerful flavour of the meat is complemented well by the pudina chatni. This was hands down my favourite from the lot. Give this a try while you are at Le Mirch if you are a meat lover like me. 

Towards the end, we were served our main course, the ‘Chicken Biryani’, a famous Indian dish. Being an ardent lover of Biryani, the Biryani served at Le Mirch managed to impress me with its presentation and taste. The accompanying raita furthermore enhanced the taste of Biryani. The pieces of chicken were satisfying and unlike other places, the dish had an ample amount of chicken. 

Overall, the fine dining experience at Le Mirch was a balance of luxury and wholesome food. The creativity used to blend two contrasting cuisines is something that is really noteworthy and impressive. 

Prarthana Dixit 

Photos by Shree Krishna


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