The Chimney Restaurant reopens

20, Dec 2018 |

The newly reopened Chimney Restaurant is another hallway of history in the Hotel Yak & Yeti vicinity

Taking in the warmth and opulence of Hotel Yak & Yeti, one can only walk in to experience. Seeped in history, evidently seen through the Neo-classical architecture, the exteriors are as mesmeric as the interiors.

Poised with history and legends of the olden days, The Chimney Restaurant is undeniably a favourite for fine dining. The eccentric Boris Lissanevitch, an eminent figure during his time, gave birth to the popular Hotel Royal and Chimney Restaurant. Later morphing into Hotel Yak & Yeti, The Chimney Restaurant is still a bustling spot where in-house as well as walk-in guests come for a sumptuous meal.

The freshly renovated restaurant is bound to generate curiosity, but the décor does not misplace the familiar warm ambience. Plush comfortable seating, candescent walls ornamented with traditional woodcraft, luxurious cutlery and a revamped menu does the trick.

The extended patio for larger groups who prefer fresh air has a more relaxed, loungey feel. With bright fairy lights under the canopy, live music and a fireplace under construction you cannot deny its allure. Sleek pub tables with high chairs give the restaurant a comfortable yet chic demeanour. Looking to cater all ages and crowds, here are a few specials from their new fusion menu.

Methi Thepla Tacos

Their Methi Thepla Tacos from the Tapas section calls for a celebration. The perfect blend of barbequed pork, sour cream cheese, veggies and thepla (Indian flatbread) tortillas will get the best of you, a recommended from the sides menu.

Asian Tomato Salad

Next up the Asian tomato salad is a recipe made with precision. Beansprouts, tomatoes, coriander leaves and peanuts generously soaked in dressing would have any sceptical carnivore contemplating.

Russian Borscht

From the Classic Chimney menu, Russian Borscht is a stew anyone and everyone can enjoy. Inculcating a world of flavours, it comes as a tribute to Lissanevitch. To this day one can enjoy the rich flavours of the original recipe. Complete with beetroot, tomatoes, potatoes and more sautéed vegetables, each spoonful better than the last.

Chicken ala Kiev

Comfortably one of the most popular recommendations here, the classic chicken fillet is stuffed with herbed butter and other condiments then baked to a premium. Crisp on the outside, filled with creamy goodness, oozing cheese, one cannot miss out on this dish.

Baked Alaska Sagarmatha

Refreshing, creamy with the best of desserts in one, the Baked Alaska comprises an assortment of ice cream and cake topped with brown, fluffy meringue. Flambéed to perfection, the aroma adds to the charm. The crème de la crème of desserts bring a close to a rather flawless dinner.

Sips from the bar

Colourful, flamboyant and well-presented drinks from the bar give the newly renovated restaurant its cosmopolitan charm. Fresh and seasonal ingredients straight from their very own herb garden, this organic take on drinks is commendable. Unwind and explore their vibrant cocktails and mocktails section no matter what the season.


Text: Rebecca Shrestha

Photos: Sanu Raja Maharjan

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