Top Yoga Studios to Check Out in Kathmandu

18, Dec 2018 |

Modernization has hardly affected the presence of spiritualism in Nepal, hence mastering in yoga is easier and more effective here.

Nepal is said to be the original home of yoga. Since ancient times, thousands of yogis and Rishis have meditated and practised yoga in the search for attaining wisdom. Today, the yoga culture is expanding and is getting extremely popular with people in and out of Nepal. Something that is special about yoga practice in Nepal is the fact that spiritualism is rarely affected by modernization, hence mastering the art of yoga is easier and more effective. There are a lot of yoga studios in Kathmandu that cater to the likes of both the locals and tourists. Below is a list of 4 yoga studios in Kathmandu that you must check out.

  1. Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa

Located in Mandala Street, the heart of Thamel, Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa is one of the finest yoga studios in Nepal. It was established in 1996 and is close to Kathmandu Guest House. The studio offers a spacious place for yoga with a good energy flow and tranquillity. It also provides government approved and accredited "Council for Technical Education and Vocational" (CTEVT) certificate and is internationally affiliated with World Yoga Alliance and World Massage Federation. The yoga studio offers different types of yoga classes; yoga teacher training, meditation classes and kaya healing. Experience sheer joy and relaxation through the world-class yoga facilities that Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa has to offer.

Contact Information: +977 1 4701322



2. Pranamaya Yoga Studio

Co-owned by a small group of conscious Nepali investors, Pranamaya Yoga Studio was established in order to support a space for the practice of yoga. It is located in two places in Kathmandu; Moksh Complex in Patan and right above Himalayan Java in Thamel. The yoga studio is also situated in Pokhara. Pranamaya offers different kinds of yoga. From stress reduction, strength and flexibility to a more calm and balanced mind, the studio understands the different needs of the customers. There are diverse types of teachers to provide full-fledged facilities.


Contact Information: 980-2045484

3. Charak Yoga Studio

The name of the yoga studio stems from the ancient sage Charak, the founder of Ayurveda System in the eastern world. Inspired by the Ayurveda practitioner, Kamala Singh established the yoga center in Thamel in 2000. At the present time, the yoga center has been updated and decorated with modern styling and design with the help of the talented team of yoga teachers. At Charak Yoga Studio, the classes are led by all levels and practitioners from different walks of life through the certified yoga instructors. The yoga studio is dedicated to bringing the traditional practice of yoga to a wide range of people living in Kathmandu.


Contact Information: 981-8148030


4. Chetana Yoga Foundation

Chetana Yoga Foundation was established in 1999 at Thamel. The foundation offers to provide people with peace and happiness through its facilities. The foundation offers, yoga, meditation, pranayam laughter therapy, dance therapy, reiky healing and natural therapy. Chetana Yoga Foundation also provides different forms of yoga like Yoga Lesson, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Trekking and Yogic Cleansing.


Contact Information: +977-9741133537

Compiled by Prarthana Dixit

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