Maya Manor Boutique Hotel Organises Christmas Cake Mixing Event

In anticipation of the holiday season, the hotel gives back to the community

17, Dec 2018 |

As the sleigh bells come ringing around the corner for holidays cheers, Maya Manor practices gift giving to the less fortunate

On December 13, Maya Manor Boutique Hotel in Hattisar organised a small cake mixing event to honour the holiday spirits of Christmas. Held within the premises of the KGH Hotels property, Maya Manor hosted a celebration with a notion to help bring happiness among orphaned children. The unforgettable yellow walls of the Rana Durbar styled hotel appeared even brighter as the air tingled with anticipation for the holidays; Christmas trees, ornaments, lights and joyful feelings decorated various areas of the hotel.

The cake mixing ceremony began with the guests being ushered to a rooftop spot where more Christmas decorations stood against walls were plastered with paintings of iconic Nepali monuments. The attendees were also encouraged to put on headbands with glittery reindeer horns and Santa hats. The event was attended by some very notable faces to who informed that taking part in such an affair was a first for a few of them, and cordially expressed their gratitude towards such organizations for hosting such a function that promotes diversity. 

On the table in front of the guests laid a mound of key ingredients- an assortment of dried fruits, nuts and spices. Cherries, raisins, almonds, nuts, dates, Garam Masala, cloves, cinnamon etc, were to be mixed by hand. Hosted by Trishagni Shakya, Executive Director of Maya Manor Boutique Hotel and attended by former Miss Nepal pageantry winners, Rojina Shrestha, Nikita Chandak, Roshni Khatri and Barsha Lekhi, the ladies were asked to put on their chef's hats and aprons before getting their hands dirty. They were also joined by Mahesh Shrestha, a representative from the orphanage, Punarbal Plus, which was a little unconventional since such a ceremony is exclusive to the womenfolk. However, the hotel has been known to be unique when it comes to its social occasions. 

The earthy aroma from a blend of so many ingredients lingered as the guests manually indulged themselves in the mixing. After seperating a significant amount of the mixture to bake cakes for the kids at the orphanage, the real fun began as the alcohol was brought out to be poured rather enthusiastically to form a more traditional mix for the Christmas cakes.

After the event, the guests were served high tea in the gardens. Sandwiches, patties, cookies, muffins, cakes, fruit skewers, coffee, freshly made lemonade and juice became the perfect way to end such a delightful afternoon. It was obvious that everybody enjoyed the experience as visible smiles appeared on the faces of every individual. The hotel certainly inspired the kindred spirit in everyone as they eagerly got involved in the process, and really uplifted the mood. 

Maya Manor Boutique Hotel will be giving away all the cakes that they bake to Punarbal Plus on Christmas. 

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