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17, Dec 2018 |

Gingerbread House Decoration at Hotel Yak & Yeti

On December 3, Hotel Yak & Yeti celebrated its annual Gingerbread House Decoration event. As you make your way into the Gazebo, it’s impossible to miss the well decorated Christmas tree; surrounded by gifts and decorated with varieties of ornaments and postcards— it didn’t lack presentation. The tree standing at the centre of the room was enclosed by multiple tables, ready to host all the creative artists.  

This is a tradition that has been going on for years in the hotel, however, this is only the second time that they have done it in order to replace the mainstream cake mixing programme. By inviting various guests to take part in this event it was ensured of amusement. The event was initiated by placing the multiple gingerbread houses on the tables surrounding the big tree. After that, the guests formed groups of three or so and started decorating the houses. It was called a competition however it seemed as if everyone preferred the enthralling part of the event. Last year the winner’s work was put on sale and the money collected from it was given to a charity. This year, however, the hotel has decided on selling the chefs’ work.

The postcards on the trees were Christmas Wishes written down by the children of Bal Mandir Orphanage. The guests who come up here and look at these postcards are encouraged to fulfil these wishes. If all of those postcards are not addressed, the hotel will take responsibility of ensuring the kids a merry Christmas. And when it’s Christmas, these kids are invited over for brunch and given their presents. It is an exciting event with a very positive cause.

Executive Chef, Ameya Deshmukh was happy to give us further insight into the event— especially the food. According to him, it took the team about a week to get everything prepared. The gingerbread dough along with an all spice mix and their golden syrup was used to bake the various parts of the house. Some amount of fondant was used to mould together the different parts of the house. After the assembly was completed, it was given to the guests so that they could express their creativity. “There was nothing about the preparation or the event that I would call stressful. All the chefs were very experienced and everything went very smoothly”, he insisted. He also told us that the decorated houses would be put on display as they valued the guests’ work and the time they gave for the event.

The event surely was different, just as they intended. People were grabbing varieties of candies, fondants, sprinkles and using it to decorate their respective houses. Everyone was involved some way or the other. The baking wasn’t also limited to the Gingerbread House. They were also able to enjoy freshly baked cookies and other tasty treats. The event concluded with a lunch programme, leaving everyone’s stomach well decorated, just as they had wished.

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