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14, Dec 2018 |

Nepali Ghar Hotel is a complete treat for all your senses

Behind the Malla Hotel, and a little ahead of Chhaya Center, in the crowded Thamel, peaks a beautiful building, showcasing its beautiful Nepali influenced architecture infused with modernisation. The hint of pleasantness the exterior gives is insignificant in comparison to the beauty of Nepali Ghar Hotel’s interiors. For anyone that enters is sure to utter the word 'wow', and it is exactly that.

The hotel lobby welcomes the guests to a peaceful, clean and cool ambience, with the historical picture of Basantapur, and an old wood carved jhyal (window), giving slight hints as to why the hotel is named ‘Nepali Ghar’; however it isn’t until you enter the atrium that you realise what the real deal is.

As you leave the lobby to tour the rest of the hotel, the glorious atrium will leave you gaping, for its interior is impeccable. The astounding amount of wood used in the construction and the ways in which the wood is cut and designed is worthy of applause. The staircase with walls painted olive green and white, and its rough finishing gives the effect of a typical Nepali village home. The metal gaagri’s (containers) with intricate designs act as an introduction to Nepali art and architecture, and the pink tipkar walls further add to the Nepali feel of the hotel making it warm and cosy, over and all.

Including the restaurant and the fitness centre on the top floor, there are five floors in total consisting of four Deluxe 300 sq ft rooms, two suites Mangriha and Kailashkut, and 28 Standard rooms with 250 sq ft area each. The rooms again had lovely wooden furniture, artistic, vintage looking lights, mini-bar, television and all the modern facilities one would require. A sukkul (traditional handwoven mat) to give a Nepali touch and the attention to detail all makes for an unmatched experience here at Nepali Ghar Hotel. The spacious bathroom with a super luxurious bronze basin again acting as a reason for naming the hotel what it is.

The suites each have two rooms, the living and the bedroom, two baths, a study corner, a countertop with a coffee machine, a mini bar and a dressing room. The living room also has plush sofas, a coffee table, and a television; while the bedroom is like the usual Standard room with the exception of a dressing area and a larger bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

The centrally air-conditioned hotel also has two restaurants, Chiya Pasal on the ground floor and Ananda Lounge on the top floor. The Chiya Pasal, a restaurant with standard tables and chairs, serves breakfast to the guests from 6:30 am to 10:30 am. The Ananda Lounge on the top floor opens up to the cityscape. With a more laidback environment and comfortable couches, the lounge is open to guests for lunch and dinner. The hotel also consists of a fitness centre which has a multigym, a treadmill and a few dumbbells.

The restaurant's short sweet menu isn’t centred towards any special cuisine; however, what they offer is a blessing to one's tongue nonetheless.  The Teriyaki Salmon Fillet consisting of marinated Salmon Fillet served with red skin potato mash, asparagus and white wine dill sauce; spread its divinity assisted by the smokiness of the Salmon and the juicy Lamb Rack acted as a temporary haven to my meat-loving tummy. The veg skewers consisting of eggplant, zucchini, grilled capsicum and feta cheese were just as satisfying as the non-veg options.  Other than that, the Tom Yum Soup, Nepali Thali Set and Pan-grilled rainbow trout would be other interesting options.

The hotel, over and all is a piece of art itself, hence it is highly recommended for everyone wishing to soothe their eyes; as well as to those wishing to tickle their taste buds with the scrumptious food served in the Ananda Lounge. As blissful Nepali Ghar Hotel is situated on the inner lanes, but an equally exciting Thamel is right outside waiting for tourists to roam around with beautiful cafes, clubs, restaurants and shops; therefore I suggest this hotel be towards the top of your list while choosing a hotel in Kathmandu.

Text: Shubhanga Satyal

Photos and video: Shubam Parajuli

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