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14, Dec 2018 |

Situated away from the clamour of the city yet also conveniently close, Park Village is serene, natural as well as luxurious

Away from the clamour of the city and under the shadow of the Shivapuri National Park, Park Village is the best hotel in the city when it comes to experiencing nature while also remaining within the reaches of the city’s conveniences. Spread over five acres, the hotel more or less resembles a huge garden with gorgeous white mansions and gazebos dotted across its open space. When you’re here, you can be sure of one thing; you will never have to complain about the space as you’ll have plenty here – a trait often lacking in the numerous hotels of Kathmandu.

A second establishment of KGH Group of Hotels, they initially started with a meagre 45 rooms- only to expand and finally have as many as 115 rooms of various types and facilities to fit the variant tastes and needs of people. Complete with restaurants serving multi-cuisine delicacies, spa, gym, souvenir shops, catering halls and a huge swimming pool- Park Village seems to have it all.

However, one thing that makes Park Village stand out is its close proximity with nature. The air flows more freely and colder here - devoid of the dust and pollution of the busy city, the jarring noise of the traffic is not something you can hear while the teeming greenery of the bustling garden and pleasant view of the Nagarjun and Shivapuri will always surround you in a comforting manner. Perhaps when you wake up in the morning, the first sight you will see will be the dazzling sunrays manoeuvring around the lush green hills and while the cheerful chirping of the birds floods your senses.

Along with the natural environment of the hotel, it is also equally luxurious. However, it all depends on the type of room you are planning to stay in. If you opt for a Cottage Deluxe Room, you will have decent space including a small fitted living room. The room comes with all the modern amenities a person might normally require- T.V, Wi-Fi connection, attached bathroom and even a small kitchen where one can prepare simple meals if preferred. Located in individual houses and named after some specific plants, the Cottage Deluxe Room is suggested for a budget traveller without having to compromise on comfort.

Likewise, if the Cottage Deluxe Room is perhaps too plain for a person they can opt for the Junior Suite Room which gives slightly more freedom in terms of space. The room opens to an open working space with a writing table and a few essential furniture.  Having a slightly open space compared to the Cottage room with a huge glass window overlooking the lush garden, these rooms seem to have it all along with a personalized cosy touch.  

One thing worth noting is that almost all the rooms have a very understated decor- simple yet convenient while retaining a very homely feeling to it. From the buildings that resemble less like a hotel and more like residential homes, to the cosy rooms- it all seems to have a familiar charm to it.

For people seeking a more luxurious experience, shall perhaps find a liking to the Super Deluxe Rooms of the Hamilton Wing. Named after the famous British botanist Hamilton who first started his botanical explorations in the Nepali forest of Shivapuri some 200 years ago, the Hamilton Wing comprises of 24 rooms with a direct view of the Shivapuri National Park. The rooms are nothing short of luxurious – with a well stocked mini bar, TV, spacious attached bathroom and a large glass window overlooking the lush garden, it is guaranteed to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Here too, the walls are coloured in a pale yellow colour with a few spot of contrasting orange on the bed sheets and furniture. The entire Hamilton wing is designed and furnished in a modern and contemporary manner- it oozes luxury without having to try too hard.

Park Village is complete with other infrastructures too- a number of conference halls varying in size and capacity, a well equipped gym, tiny souvenir shops for window shopping and even outdoor spaces ideal for that dream wedding. So, if you are seeking for serenity without compromising on luxury than, Park Village must be your first choice.

Contact info:

Park Village Resort                                                                                                                                   

Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal


Landline: (+977-1) 4375280, 9851020484

Shuvekshya Limbu is a content writer at Nepal Traveller.


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