Bungee Places in Nepal

Though you can do bungee jumping at any time of the year, September to May is the best time.

28, Mar 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

With high mountains, deep gorges and sharp cliffs, Nepal is an ideal destination for bungee jumping. All the thrill seekers, you know where to go!

Bungee jumping is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities there is. The freedom of jumping into thin air gets adventure enthusiasts’ hearts pounding like a drum set. Bungee jumping is the type of experience that does not require any prior training or preparation. You only need to make a reservation for a jump. Then, you can relax and enjoy the bungee experience.

If you want to experience some adventure in Nepal, consider bungee jumping. It is one of the activities in Nepal that has grown in popularity rapidly in recent years. Tourists, both domestic and international, participate in the action to be jolted from head to toe. 

Here are a few places in Nepal that provide thrilling bungee jumps:

Bhotekoshi Gorge

The Bhotekoshi gorge in Sindhupalchowk was the first station for bungee jumping in Nepal. It is currently one of the most famous bungee jumping places around the world. The gorge lies near the Nepal-Tibet border in Sindhupalchowk. You will be jumping from a 166 metre Swiss-designed suspension bridge with a 4.6 ton loading factor. This bridge, also known as Naya Pul, is privately owned by The Last Resort, which operates the bungee jumping here. The thought of the 160 metre plunge over the gorge with the Bhotekoshi river, you have a five-second drop. The bungee jump is carried out by a resort. So, you plan the trip for a single day or multiple days, according to your preferences.


Bungee Jumping in Pokhara, Hemja

Pokhara is a popular tourist destination, and almost everyone who visits Nepal does not want to miss it. Nature has done a lot for this place and, obviously, it is a prime destination for adventure activities. To make things more exciting, you can now do bungee jumping in Pokhara.

High Ground Adventure operates Nepal’s first and only towering bungee. Bungee jumping in Pokhara is conveniently located near the city centre. It is approximately 25 minutes from the picturesque town of Pokhara. High Ground Bungee has a vertical drop of 70 metres and a free fall of 3 seconds. Bungee jumping in Pokhara has recently been likened to Botekoshi Bungee.


Kushma Bungee

In Parbat district, Kushma is the world’s second-highest and Nepal’s number one bungee jumping location. Kushma Bungee Lump is located on the boundary of Nepal’s Baglung and Kushma region. The 520 metre suspension bridge is in the middle of the Kali Gandaki river, connecting these two districts.

If you want to enjoy an exciting experience, you should book a bungee jump here. The Cliff Nepal Pvt. Ltd. operates and maintains the bungee jumping activities. The adrenaline rush of bungee jumping across the Kali Gandaki river is one of the must try for an adrenaline-junkie.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By:  Anoof Junaid 

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