Serene Resort: Under the canopy of nature

14, Dec 2018 |

The personality of Serene Resort is in its deep rooted connection with nature

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Nagarkot lies on the top of a hill at an altitude of 2195 m its top submerged in the chill of fresh mist. If you want to experience Nagarkot at its best, Serene Resort is one of the best choice among the various hotels and resorts that flood the streets of Nagarkot. With an excellent view of the majestic mountains in the peak season and a tranquil backdrop of thick forest areas beside, Serene Resort could be a refuge for a person seeking some quiet time. Nevertheless, even during the monsoon, there is a subtle and elusive beauty in the way the fog slowly envelops the hill only to pass through, over and over again.

The resort has taken the quiet structure of a village with perfect two storied houses that boasts of comfortable rooms and modern amenities. The resort is open and away from the noises of the city that so often plagues our life but here one might be even led to believe that the resort is somewhere in the middle of the wilderness,  perhaps in a Thoreau or a Murakami novel. This is what gives Serene Resort its unique personality rooted in its connection to nature.

The tiny two storied houses each have four rooms together with a number of 16 rooms either Deluxe A, B OR C that the resort has to offer to the variant needs of its customers. The rooms are panelled with wood that gives a unique feeling of staying in a cabin in the woods although devoid of the medieval inconveniences. The room either with a double or twin size bed comes with a flat TV, attached bathroom with hot water at the turn of the tap along with relatively high speed internet. Along with this, the rooms on the first floor have an open balcony to do some sightseeing right after getting up from bed with a sip of early morning coffee. For families, the resort also has an interconnecting suite with one room having a double bed and another with a twin bed.

One of the best things about the rooms in Serene Resort is the morning view from the balcony and the natural light that comes from the light ventilation from the ceilings. As a result the rooms are always bright, open yet very cosy. The resort takes special care that all your needs are properly met and addressed with all around room service.

The resort also has a tiny restaurant with a huge window overseeing the lush greenery of the forest. The food is modestly good although a good distance away from the capital. The restaurant serves authentic Nepali Thali that contains a good choice of curries and lentils along with other basic food options like Grilled Chicken, the all time favourite the all time favourite Momo and few other basic options.

Basically Nagarkot is an ideal destination for the view of the mountains and on less cloudy days the resort will bring the view of the majestic mountains very close. But on other days the beauty of the resort is not diminished but the white halo of fog that encircles the hill adds lustre to its perfection. So if you are planning to travel to Nagarkot as a weekend getaway Serene Resort might just be perfect for you with its good hospitality and close proximity with nature.

Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content writer at Nepal Traveller.

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