Shangri la: Garden of Eden

14, Dec 2018 |

From its establishment in 1996 with the original concept of Tony Hagen, Shangri la Village Pokhara has also evolved itself continually to promote tourism

James Hilton in his novel Lost Horizon pictured such a fictional place that would be enclosed by the majestic mountains, bound by harmony and imbued with natural beauty.  This place was called Shangri la. When you step into the Shangri la Village Pokhara; into its lush green gardens with tiny stupas connected by Buddhist prayer flags and stunning view of the Himalayas, you cannot help but assume that the name was not just tagged for attraction but was also close in its meaning.

These are the very things that first catch the senses in Shangri la Village. One can wake up to the sounds of birds chirping gaily in the distance while thin strays of light dances through the straying leaves. The air remains tranquil throughout the morning revealing the face of the Himalayas in the horizon. The garden is a place of true beauty with a tiny stream where bright orange fishes glide in the water.

From its establishment in 1996 with the original concept of Tony Hagen to make Pokhara a golden tourist destination because of its view of the mountains, Shangri la has also changed and renovated itself continually throughout the years. Over the years it has added the Spa and changed the decor of the rooms to please a more modern audience.

This might be only scratching the surface, along with all the other exciting services and accommodations that Shangri la provides. It almost seems like Shangri la has something to offer to everyone. Along with very comfortable rooms with the garden view or a balcony, each is beautiful in its own way and both offers a mountain view. With the garden access you can lounge in the hammock with a book in hand.  The rooms are spacious yet cosy either with a twin bed or a king sized bed while the walls are adorned with Tibetan prayer scrolls and paintings. Every wall in the hotel is a piece of art painted with elaborate Mithila art. With round the clock room service and housekeeping, your needs and demands are properly addressed.

Along with rooms, Shangri La Village has a spacious a ‘Traders Hall’ with a capacity for 150 people which is perfect for conferences, seminars and even weddings. With the romantic environment of the lush gardens and cottage, along with the cosy suites, Shangri la is also a perfect wedding destination.

But what makes Shangri la stand out along with its hospitality is the food. The two open restaurants in the hotel offer a wide menu of food from Chinese to Continental are a source of attraction in the entire hotel. The open and spacious decor of the restaurant is itself inviting with the view of the swimming pool from the transparent glass walls. Some of the dishes that we tried are really worth the money. For instance the Shangri la Special Chicken Pizza with a thick layer of cheese under chicken, ham and bacon is a pizza lover’s dream. Similarly, the Grilled Chicken with fresh vegetables was luscious and exquisite. Every bite was an explosion of flavour, each better than before.

The swimming pool is another attraction in the hotel with many people coming to Shangri la just to take a cool swim in the later hours of the day. With separate pools for both adults and children kept well maintained and clean from the early hours of the morning, it is no doubt one of the best swimming pools in Pokhara. It is a perfect way to spend a day, swimming in the clear blue water and languishing in the Lounger, sipping an ice-cold Mojito.

Shangri la has it all, from a spa offering a wide range of massage and facial treatments, to a private bar and tiny shopping arcade selling handmade pashminas and local crafts. If you are into fitness you can even do some yoga at the Yoga centre with a hired instructor and if you are planning for your next destination you can easily book your tickets through the travel desk situated right inside the hotel.














Shangri la has something to offer to everyone; it is a perfect hotel for the traveller, for the newly married, for the contemplator, for the fun junkie and for the entire family. It is a place that has a way of staying in your mind even after you’ve left it behind and sometimes, you don’t want to leave its serenity at all.

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Shuvekshya Limbu is a writer at An avid reader and traveller who has travelled to Hogwarts and Middle Earth and lived to tell the tale. She spends her time discussing literature and metaphors of life.







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