Kojagrat Purnima

14, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Bringing Dashain festivities to a close, today marks the end of Dashain

Kojagrat Purnima is a national festive day that marks the final day of the Hindu festival of Dashain. Kojagrat Purnima, is the full moon night when Goddess Maha Laxmi is worshipped in accordance with Hindu scriptures. The Goddess of Wealth is a celebrated deity in the Hindu texts, her blessings are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

On the night of Kojagrat itself, it is believed the goddess wanders about looking for those who have kept themselves up all night in her honour. She is thought to utter the words “Ko jageko cha?” which translates to “Who is awake?”, and that is how the phrase “Kojagrat” came into being. True devotees fast all day on Kojagrat Purnima, and even try to stay up till dawn breaks.

On the first day of Dashain – Ghatasthapana, a vessel (kalash) filled with holy water is set up in the prayer room. Barley, jamara, and other seeds are sown in it and allowed to germinate during Dashain. On the final day, Kojagrat Purnima, the kalash’s contents are removed from the house and thrown into a holy river nearby. This act is symbolic of Dashain coming to an end.

Also on Kojagrat Purnima, a new festival of lighting lamps and giving special offerings to the Hindu god Bishnu begins. Much of it is a private affair which is why tourists may go around to see the beautifully adorned temples. Many of these holy temples are ornamented on special occasions and some rituals here are open for all to observe.



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