Privé and Level 3, perfect place for a perfect evening

14, Dec 2018 |

The place is especially beautiful during the late evenings with the modish blue and purple lighting.

Level 3, a well-known lounge located on the third floor of Labim Mall, is one of the most exciting places to hang out. Visit it with your friends, family, or a significant other, this top floor open terrace restaurant provides you with a beautiful view of the sunset, along with fresh air guaranteeing you with the sense of privacy along with the much loved openness at the same time. The elegant decor grasps your attention as you walk towards the terrace restaurant. The minimalistic white decor with a speck of colour here and there is gracefully complemented by green plants and colourful flowers. The place is especially beautiful during the late evenings with the modish blue and purple lighting. Hence the combination of open space, good decor, suitable lighting and fresh air in a terrace provides you with a feeling of being in one of the most romantic places in the city.

While this open terrace restaurant Level 3 is alluring, Privé on the other hand is an indoor lounge with a bar right next to it. The perfect combination of golden, silver, and blue makes this restaurant luxurious. It is a cosy place with comfortable seating arrangements and a heart-warming ambience. Privé is especially popular for its late night buzz during Fridays with a Dj or a band playing for you as you celebrate, with drinks and delicious food; a perfect end to a hectic week of hard work.

As much as the ambience is captivating, the food here at the restaurant is what makes it even better. The chefs here specialize in exclusive Middle Eastern cuisines. The dishes are made to perfection every time. The look, smell, and taste of each dish prove that the chefs here put a lot of effort in their cooking.

Among the choices of many dishes from the menu, The Oozy Mansaff is a must try dish here at the restaurant. It is one of the best Arabic style Mutton Raan you will ever taste. The chefs slow cook the heavenly piece of meat to gently tenderize every bite of it. The look of the dish in itself is mouth-watering. The Oozy Masaff is served along with biryani and sauce. The Arabic Meat Platter is another of their special dishes. This amazing combination of Shish Taouk, Chicken Askander, and Chicken and Mutton Kebab is bliss to all meat lovers.

Choice of good food with a splendid combination of drinks is what makes any diner's experience perfect. Therefore Level3 makes sure that their array of great food is accompanied with a selection of great drinks. The splendid choices of cocktails, mocktails, and various other drinks make your time at Level 3 truly enjoyable. Cinderella Blue is an ideal fruity mocktail if you choose to keep away from alcohol. Similarly, drinks such as Colorado bulldog and Cold cucumber are choices of light cocktails to start off your night with a mellow buzz. Apart from those, extensive variety of mocktails and cocktails are also available on selection.

Most Wednesday evening is a ladies night here, where all females are offered free drinks; a great way for all girls to enjoy themselves away from their regular lives along with good food, drinks and music. Look out for special events at Level 3, as you normally get a chance to meet your favourite Nepali and visiting celebrities in town. Level3 and Privé are a must visit places in terms of overall satisfaction.


Pranit Shrestha

Photos by: Saroj Patrabansha

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