How to Celebrate Propose Day on Valentine's Week?

“I love you so much. I want to make you happy. For me to even have a shot at being happy, I need you. Will you be my Valentine?”

7, Feb 2023 |

Both men and women can do this to let their partners know what they mean to them.

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated with much fanfare as Valentine’s Week has already begun. People are preparing to celebrate Propose Day after Rose Day.

Wednesday, February 8 is Propose Day this year. As the name implies, individuals confess their true feelings to their love or a crush on this day. Many people even propose to their significant other, promising them an unbreakable commitment.

Plan a romantic date with your significant other on this day. Pick them up from their offices or jobs, and take them for a nice evening stroll through wherever you may choose. Take their hands in yours and roam around with them, talking, jesting, and making them laugh. Make your sweetheart forget all their worries and just be with you at that moment.

Take them to a café, preferably a rooftop, and sit down calmly, savouring every minute. Hold their hand, pull out a ring with a diamond, semi-precious stones, or metal (it doesn’t matter), and propose to them. Tell them how you feel about them, and express your feelings with your eyes and words. Proposing to them doesn’t necessarily imply asking them to commit to you for the rest of their life. Propose your sentiments and their significance in your life to them.

Order your date’s favourite meals, dine together, celebrate your bond, and conclude the date in a beautiful and memorable gesture. Drop your partner off at their home and say goodbye, promising to meet them the next day.

Photo By: Samantha Gades 

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