How to Celebrate Rose Day on Valentine’s Week?

6, Feb 2023 |

Both men and women can do this to let their partners know what they mean to them.

Valentine’s Week begins on Rose Day and counts down to Valentine's Day every year, making it the most romantic week of the year.

Every year on February 7, Rose Day is celebrated as a celebration of love, life, and passion, during which people show their loved ones their affection in a variety of ways, most notably by exchanging roses.

Rose Day couldn’t have happened in a better month since flowers grow in February with the start of spring. Giving roses on this day has special meaning because roses stand for love. On Rose Day (the opening day of a weeklong celebration of romance), people give their significant others roses of all colours.

Nothing may be more meaningful to your sweetheart than showing them your love and affection first thing in the morning. Early in the morning, wish your significant other a happy Rose Day.

Take them on a cosy coffee date in the morning. Talk to them while holding their hands. Give them a bouquet of fresh roses or a surprise red rose. Assure them of your love for them and reaffirm your commitment.

Accompany them to a romantic place. Wish them a wonderful day and make them smile.

By doing so, you can lift your partner’s spirits and put a smile to their faces all day. 

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photo By: Bence Balla-Schottner

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