Chic and Delicious: Namanta Kitchen

Namanta Kitchen is the restaurant that can satisfy your hunger, for both good food and for a good ambience.

2, Feb 2023 |

Namanta Kitchen is a perfect combination of everything- great food, ambience, and the service. It never disappoints you in any way.

Namanta Kitchen is one of  the charming and stylish restaurants in town serving the best Italian and Nepalese cuisines in Kumari Marg, Lazimpat. Initially established during the pandemic to satisfy people’s cravings through Grab-and-Go (take-out) technique, Namanta Kitchen never looked back and developed into a full-fledged restaurant when the lockdown was lifted. 

With its honest services, Namanta Kitchen encourages its customers to enjoy different flavours and tastes. 

Namanta kitchen is a cute diner with seating that faces the streets, and features both indoor and outdoor areas with extremely upscale hardwood tables and chairs. Right in front of the cashier’s counter is a bar. Also, there is a private meeting room with see-through glass.

The setting has a vintage style, with lovely black and white images of 1970s rock bands and solo performers hanging on the walls. 

The walls of the restaurant have really appealing visuals with a retro look. Since the café’s owner is originally from Bhojpur, there are a few paintings that depict daily life of ancient Bhojpur. Due to the café’s modest lighting, it lends some tranquillity to the ambience.

After 3 pm, they also change the table settings everyday. From a bright breakfast and lunch setting to a dark dinner setting, the tables are changed.


Classic Caesar Salad 

The classic Caesar salad is the ideal starter to get you in the mood for the entire dinner. With all the healthy and fresh ingredients, the salad at Namanta Kitchen is really rejuvenating. The salad is incredibly satisfying- thanks to the iceberg lettuce, delicate chicken pieces, garlicky croutons, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and bits of bacon. This salad’s flavour combinations of creamy, crunchy and savoury are wonderful.

Every mouthful of the salad is very delectable, because of the rich, creamy dressing and the parmesan cheese garnish.


Forest Mushroom Cappuccino 

The Forest Mushroom Soup is a wonderful entrée to serve as an appetiser. As soon as you take a mouthful, the deliciousness of the fresh mushroom soup lightens up your mood.

The soup’s most distinctive feature is that you receive a cup of mushroom puree along with the spices and mushroom bits in the bowl with a thick layer of milk froth on top. The soup is made for you right in front of your eyes as soon as the puree is added to the bowl.

The soup is very aromatic, and has just the right amount of salt and pepper spice to enhance its flavour, while leaving room in the stomach for more.  


Spaghetti Aglio-e-Olio

Spaghetti Aglio-e-Olio is a typical Italian pasta dish from Naples. It is a well known dish that is distinctive of Neapolitan cuisines. The olive oil, garlic, spice, and parsley are the elements that give this meal its special flavour.

The dish is finger licking good- thanks to the thin spaghetti blended with the seasonings, especially the salt, pepper, and garlic. The olive chunks in the spaghetti improves the flavour and gives it a unique taste. The parsley, which has been finely chopped, not only serves as a garnish but also enhances the flavour and freshness of the food.


Spicy Chicken Pizza

The spicy Chicken Pizza is heaven on earth for pizza lovers. The pizza is a burst of flavours in your mouth. The pizza is fantastic as its crust isn’t very thick. The pizza sauce, fish sauce, and chilly sauce works like magic by being the perfect concoction of different pizza toppings like diced chicken, onions, and seasonings.

The chicken in the pizza makes it much more fulfilling, and the thick cheese topping is both incredibly tasty and irresistible. The green garnishing also helps in lending it an alluring look.

It is a dish that you really must taste.


Mediterranean Ravioli

Ravioli, which originated from Italy, are pasta sheets stuffed with various ingredients including some artichokes, spinach, mushrooms, and olives.

The Mediterranean Ravioli is filled with the tender chicken, mushrooms, and artichokes. It is coated with a rich, creamy sauce that gives it a gravy finish. The dish is really creamy and has a mild sweetness. The raviolis melts right in the tongue and leaves a delicious aftertaste.

We might want to pair the food with a drink to go with it.

The pink sunset is a tangy, refreshing beverage with a sweet and sour twist with pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine syrup and sprite on top. The drink is presented with ice on top and ingredients at the bottom, giving it an extremely alluring appearance with a red tint. It can be found both as mocktail and cocktail in Namanta Kitchen.

The other beverage we tried was Strawberry Love. This drink is a healthier and tastier version of fruit smoothies, made by blending all natural and organic strawberry, watermelon, and banana. The smoothie is really sweet and addictive. It goes well with other dishes and is also served as dessert.

Therefore, Namanta Kitchen can be your next go-to place in Lazimpat. Add it to your list!

-For More Information:

Contact Number: 014422778 or +9779849611934

Lazimpat-02, Kumari Mai Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan

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