Paragliding in Kathmandu Valley

14, Dec 2018 |

Kathmandu Paragliding guarantees an unforgettable paragliding experience, while still remaining within the valley

I have been scared of heights all my life. That incomprehensible chill at the bottom of your stomach as you look at the sprawling ground below, where the numerous houses now look like tiny cardboard boxes from up above. An acrophobic like me would avoid something like that all life. But there comes a point when one has to face their fears like a grown-up and supposedly deal with it. This surprisingly came for me when I decided to go for a paragliding experience at Godawari.

Situated on the outskirts of the city, Godawari is a tiny sprawling settlement surrounded by lush green hills. A half an hour ride will take you to the office of Kathmandu Paragliding near the Bus Park. From there on the road takes you through a thick jungle where my instructor tells me with excitement that sometimes even Deers pop up. His deft hands swiftly maneuver through the tricky turns and in no longer than 15 minutes we reach the flying destination.

The air at the top of the hill is quite chilly and when I look down, Kathmandu merely looks like a thick cluster of houses, surrounded by dense green hills. At this point, I am already giddy with excitement, although half of it is pure fear of having to face my worst nightmare. When I turn around, my co-worker asks me,”Are you afraid?” I give a mocking smile, the best I can conjure and say, “What do you think?”

The enclave of hills echoes with euphoric screams as people leave their feet from the ground. Some try to keep a straight face while slipping into their harnesses while others are plain scared. Before I know it, it’s my turn. Right after being introduced to my instructor, I am told that he only speaks Hindi and I try to communicate with him in what little Hindi I know. Giving an amiable smile and he helps me slip into my protective gear; which includes a series of locks, helmet, and harnesses that are attached to the instructor.  

The take-off is the scariest part of the whole ordeal- because it takes you by surprise. A perfect gust of wind is required and a fast walk down the hill, before you are surprisingly carried by the parachute. But trust me, this is the best part. Perhaps the only thing that compensates the scary take-off is the gorgeous view that follows, as the parachute swiftly carries you across green hills and the majestic mountains in the faraway distance look closer than ever. While nothing can beat the scariest part when the parachute is glided in a two and fro motion, also called a ‘wing-over’, I later found out. With an audible chuckle at my evident glee, my instructor affirms, “This is an adventure.”

Nepal has an excellent choice of adventure sports, while its bone-chilling height and breathtaking beauty provides just the right stage. Kathmandu Paragliding is one example, where an experience of a lifetime is just forty-five minutes ride away. With professional and trained instructors, transportation facilities and a guarantee of a good experience, Kathmandu Paragliding is the best option available in the valley.

Contact info:

Kathmandu Paragliding

Contact number: +977 1 9801016590 

Booking address: JP Marg, Thamel


Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. An avid reader and traveller, she loves seeking new experiences and adventures. 



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