Where trouble melts like lemon drops

14, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Chaitanya Medi-Spa is an ideal destination for someone looking to have some me-time and enjoy the comforting ambiance and expertise service that one can find there.

Spas are a necessity more than a luxury says Piya Bajracharya, manager at Chaitanya Medi-Spa. I am with her on this because the hectic lifestyle where our mind is constantly occupied with thousands of alleged problems at hand, it simply strains us dry. Everything takes up energy, even scrolling our phones for no particular reason. People don’t have enough time to exercise. We really need to find ways to release the tension that builds up, due to our daily encounters, in order to feel our senses clearing or we will be overpowered by them, hence feeling drowsy and sleepy all the time.

Located in Bakhundol, running in its nine years of providing fantastic facilities, Chaitanya Medi-Spa is a perfect escape to unwind yourself and dedicate some time out of your busy schedule to yourself. It’s a spa where they use Ayurvedic tricks to treat the accumulated discomfort in the body. Chaitanya Medi-Spa provides regular spa treatments along with special treatments, according to the preference of its customers. It’s filled with well-appointed rooms with an eye for detail where you do not just get a relaxing massage but all types of beauty solutions too.

The winter cold can be harsh on your skin making you not want to reveal your bare skin for hours. But no need to worry about that at Chaitanya. The rooms are air-conditioned and facilitated with extra heaters and hot showers for the convenience of the guests. As per the suggestion of the manager, I tried the Chaitanya Special Massage where the therapists guide you to find what’s bothering your well-being.


As soon as you enter the massage room, you will instantly feel the calm that is in the air. The soft tune of the musical instruments slowly fills the room and you know that you are going to enjoy this. As you get ready for the massage, the therapist lets you dip your feet in warm water and then dry it with a towel. Then she starts by gently pressing the whole body so that the muscles are stretched for what’s coming next. She dabs her hand at my feet kneading and pressing in a circular motion gently increasing the pressure, where it was needed.

I tell her about my knee and the back problem and she takes special care of those areas massaging with hot oil, dabbing and pulling the muscles with her experienced hands. I realize that I am enjoying it as I feel all the troubles melting away like lemon drops. I don’t want it to ever end.

I do not like talking after having a massage session so when Piya asked how it was, I could only bring out the words, “very relaxing”. What I couldn’t describe was the weight that was lifted from my heavy shoulders. I could really feel the stress that was build up while taking a test in my childhood slowly lifting and flying away. It’s not an exaggeration. I was enjoying the calm I felt and didn’t want to interrupt it by talking with other people. I wanted it to last and at the time, I was thinking that I will definitely be going back for another session. And also, a cup of herbal tea after the massage warms up your soul like nothing else.

 For the sessions, it’s rather considerate if you book it the previous day. They have discounted packages if you book a day early. But walk in guests are always welcome too, if the therapists are not busy. They believe in providing service that brings people back again and again. Hence in the long-running of the business for 9 years, they have learned to improve the institution with the positive as well as  negative feedbacks that they get from their customers.

Nothing was solved when the therapy was over but nothing mattered. Just a sense of slow calming sensation reverberating throughout the body that was surely detectable on my face. A great place to decompress and relax after a tiring week, Chaitanya Medi-Spa delivers what they promise.


Location: Bakhundol, Lalitpur

Contact information: 01-5547971, 9851123301




Nisha Maharjan is a content writer at Nepal Traveller. She loves occasional reading and travelling

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