Things Not To Do in Nepal

The Nepalese are polite, friendly and courteous. They know no other way. You should keep in mind all the time that they are culturally different. So, you have to be very careful not to offend them without knowing that you are being offensive. So, here we are to fill you up on some of the basic things you need to avoid doing in Nepal.

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Are you intent on travelling to Nepal? But how do you better prepare for it? You might have only heard some myths about this place. It’s a new country and a very different culture. Here are some of the tips if you do not want any hiccups in your trip to Nepal.

Nepal is a country rich in cultural assets that beautifully combines the traditions, ethnicities, and faiths. Nepal offers visitors beautiful cultural experiences with its more than a hundred diverse ethnicities who live in harmony, and have a high level of respect and tolerance for one another's traditions. Nepal, the country where Lord Gautama Buddha was born, is undoubtedly a shining example of peaceful coexistence.

There are distinct ethnic groups among the Nepalese people. They are renowned for their kindness and hospitality. Foreign visitors are warmly welcomed in the nation. Like every other nation, Nepal also has several social customs that form the basis of people’s lives. If some mannerisms and fundamental common principles are observed, a trip to Nepal will undoubtedly be much better, and it will be easier to get to know the locals. Understanding and following their etiquette while in this country demonstrates respect for them.

Do not trek alone

Hundreds of thousands of international tourists visit Nepal each year for trekking. There is a considerable likelihood of getting lost in the woods if you are trekking on your own. The majority of trekking routes in Nepal have been studied and are tested. But if you are in parts of a town and are walking alone, people will point the way out for you. Because you won't always run with the locals, you will occasionally find yourself alone and probably lost. On the plus side, there are both happy and tragic accounts of people who have gone hiking alone there. But it is necessary to trek with people, who have the experience of trekking in Nepal, and know how to interact with the locals. And then there are those who decide to go trekking alone in Nepal without even knowing the basics.

We do not advise anyone to trek alone because it is risky as well as adventurous and bold because the Nepali trails take on different looks depending on the season. And Nepal's beginner trekkers are unaware of this truth. If you enjoy hiking alone, be ready for the unexpected because you might not always find what you expect. The hills and mountains can be very hostile terrains. Finally, if this is your first time trekking in Nepal, at the very least, hire a guide or use the services of Nepali trekking agencies. You may think they are expensive, but using their services is a sensible move. We can’t warn you enough!

Do not drink water directly from the tap

Always make sure the water you drink is mineral water or filtered properly. Even though it can cost you more money, make sure to request mineral water at restaurants since some provide tap water. Because drinking tap water is unsafe, we are warning you against it. The possibility of water contamination exists. So, we advise against drinking tap water. Because you won't always find stores selling bottled water while on the walk, be sure to pack your own water filtration tablet or other water filtering equipment.

Never drink the tap water, whether you're in a 5-Star Deluxe Hotel in Kathmandu or a basic teahouse in the Himalayas. Ask your guide if you are unsure. In Nepal, the tap water is unfit for human consumption. This could result in health problems. It is therefore advised to avoid drinking tap water straight out of tap. Only bottled water or water that has undergone a purification process, such as boiling, should be consumed. The tap water is largely utilized for cleaning purposes and is not safe for consumption. Instead of a direct tap line, rivers, lakes, and other natural water reservoirs and sources are utilised in the mountains and rural areas. If you want to be extra cautious while travelling, you can bring a portable water purifier.


Many Nepalese do not see Public Display of Affection as appropriate. It might even be seen as vulgar or obscene. The public display of affection between members of the opposing gender is particularly taboo in Nepalese culture. Therefore, pay attention to the hawking eyes. People kissing one other in public will undoubtedly annoy the locals. Although there is nothing wrong with doing that, the Nepalese people definitely do not appreciate it in public. Therefore, it is not appropriate to exhibit your affection in front of other people in Nepal.

Do not dress provocatively

In Nepal, provocative clothing can be objectionable when worn in public, particularly in the countryside. It is polite to dress modestly, and the rule of thumb is to wear modest attire that does not expose too much skin. They dress in a variety of ways in the city, whereas in rural areas, people wear traditional attire.

Nepalese people avoid wearing clothing that exposes too much skin. It's not just about revealing too much skin. If you are dressed strangely, people will look at you for a long time, which will make you feel uneasy. So, pay attention to your attire and whether you are appropriately dressed for where you are. Because wearing clothing that exposes too much skin while visiting temples or monasteries might also not be appropriate. No one should be forced to wear anything they don't want to, but we advise that you show some consideration for a different culture.

Avoid dance bars

In popular tourist hubs like Thamel in Kathmandu or the lakeside in Pokhara, you might want to occasionally enjoy the nightlife, but dance bars are not good places to visit as they are more like prostitution centres. It is advised to stay away from seedy locations because dance bars could also have ominous motives. However, there is nothing wrong with the clubs. Just remember to avoid dance bars. You can even be cheated at such places. 

Do not buy trekking gears of fake brands

Another crucial thing to avoid while going on treks over the Himalayan highlands is giving in to the lure of low costs and carrying or using subpar gear or equipment. It could be hiking boots, walking poles, sweaters, windbreakers, thermal clothing, etc. Avoid being duped by low prices and only purchase items with trusted brands and labeling. Despite having an identical appearance to the real products, the fake brands ultimately prove their worth when they are put to the test in harsh weather and terrain. Your life depends on it. So, avoid buying trekking gears of fake brands.

Do not leave the hotel without its business cards

It's easy to get lost in a foreign place, especially in the mazes of an Asian city. For instance, two hotels with the similar names can be found in various locations throughout the city. Don't forget to bring a business card with their contact information and the address of your lodging. In the worst-case scenario, you can show it to a cab driver to get a ride back. Believe me, you don’t want to get lost in Kathmandu.


Nepal is a magnificent nation. You'll be in awe of its aesthetic splendor and compelled to return repeatedly to take in the aura and ambience of its serene landscapes. But to ensure a trouble-free, secure, and enjoyable journey while you're there, please keep these guidelines in mind. Now, start working on organizing a fantastic trip to Nepal.

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