My Chitlang Trip: Adventurous, Enjoyable, Unforgettable

My trip to Chitlang was my first night out with friends. We had a lot of fun and the whole trip was very memorable.

18, Jan 2023 |

Chitlang is one of the best places for those who seek tranquillity, as you get to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sometimes, change is necessary. You need to escape some things. To get some time away from some social complications, people travel. Some take longer journeys, while some take shorter ones. A journey with someone close makes it worthy.

Our adventure in Chitlang will never return to us physically, but the memories we made are going to remain forever. Chitlang is a village which lies in Makwanpur district, which is not that far from Kathmandu. It is one of the best places for those who seek tranquillity, as you get to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Chitlang is a new destination for tourism, which is getting quite popular these days.   

We reached there by bus. You can also hike from Chandragiri hills, but as we only had time for a short trip, we took a bus to reach our destination. We were all super excited about our trip as it was our first trip together, and I was slightly more excited as it was my first overnight trip with friends. We were welcomed warmly in the resort. All the staff were very hospitable and friendly.

After our arrival, we got ourselves a tent and kept our luggage there. I freshened up quickly. We planned to play some games and it turned out to be really fun. Then, after a while, we took a lunch break. They served us very healthy and organic foods which were delicious. It was a buffet. So, we ate a lot. We went to a hill and explored the beautiful views of the entire village. And then, the sun was about to set. So, we went back down to the resort. Then, the real fun started. At the resort, it was a musical night. All of us bonded really well. Everybody was on the floor dancing together. There, couples were dancing too. We were watching them and it was so cute.

Two of my best friends were tired. So, they went outside, where another group was singing, playing guitar and barbequing. The whiff of its smell got into my nose. I couldn’t stop myself. So, we went there to eat. My friend was munching on the barbeque and I went to him to ask for a piece of it, but he refused to give it to me. I didn’t argue much for the meat and got it for myself. While I sat eating the barbeque, he came to me asking for a piece of the meat and I gave it to him. 

After a short barbeque break, we had a campfire. We were grilling some chicken ourselves. Eating, singing, dancing and having too much fun made us forget about our dinner. The staff called us and said the dinner was ready. We waited in line for dinner and served it ourselves. We weren’t that hungry as we already ate some chicken, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating as the food was so delicious. I have no words for it. The vegetables were so fresh and organic, which were grown in the village itself. After having our dinner, we were back again in our circle, sitting around the fire. We kept talking for hours. It was already midnight and we went to bed as we needed some rest to continue our trip the next morning.

We slept there. It was very cosy. My first night outside our home was, fortunately, comfortable. We all had a good sleep. Next morning, everyone came to me asking for toothpaste as no one carried it, except for me. We all got ready and went out for breakfast. Our breakfast was also really good. They made kiwi jam for us. I ate almost two bowls of the jam. We had a heavy breakfast and, then, we went for a walk in the village.

The small village with its lovely people was clean and beautiful. We got to learn about the history of the place, how it was named and how it became popular. In the village, they produced cheese from milk. It was our first time seeing and hearing about it. We bought a cube of cheese. All my companions said it tasted very good, but it was not my type of food. Also, the cheese was very expensive. They even produced wine themselves and sold it to tourists. It has generated employment for the locals. There was a large temple in the middle of the forest. The forest was not that dense, even though it was beautiful. After exploring the village, we returned to our resort, and had our lunch. After having our lunch, we packed our bags and checked out from the hotel. From there, we headed towards Markhu. Then, we hiked from Markhu to Kulekhani dam.

The view from the top was really beautiful. The goats were grazing around the huge field. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. 

The hiking trail was quite difficult for me as the slope was steep. When we were about to reach the dam, I slipped and, to save myself from falling, I accidentally pulled my friend’s trousers. It was so funny that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, but it was embarrassing to him. 

Finally, we reached the Kulekhani dam and, there, we took some rest. Then, we went boating. We took some pictures, and ate Pani Puri and coke. 

Enjoying the gorgeous scenery, we were boating and spending some quality time together. That was our last activity on our trip.

We were all ready to take a bus and return to Kathmandu. Deep down, we just didn’t want to leave. But it was only a one day trip. On our way back, we had so much fun on the bus as well. We didn’t even know how fast the time flew by. Finally, we arrived in Kathmandu.

From Kathmandu, we all parted our ways and returned to our respective homes. I was quite upset about having to be back, but we eventually had to come back. The ones who missed the trip don’t know what they had missed. We showed them those memories we captured together and shared our stories. We will always cherish the moments we had together. 

Written By: Bipasana Phuyal

Photos By: Shishir Pahari

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