Marriott’s Edamame Restaurant: The Taste of Asia

Specialising in Asian cuisines, Edamame crafts dishes with the acumen of an artisan.

12, Jan 2023 |

Edamame offers you multi-Asian cuisines in its luxurious, yet tranquil ambience.

The best Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and even contemporary dishes, are served in Marriott’s Edamame Restaurant in Naxal. With its gorgeous décor, intricate designs, luxurious setting, and exotic Asian artworks, Edamame offers you the best possible experiences in dining. It has also been able to create a classic ambience.

The word, Edamame, actually means a preparation of immature green soybeans in the pod, which is found in cuisines with origins in East Asia. The name of the restaurant was kept after these unique seeds. These seeds are green in colour. So, the theme of the restaurant is also in green. This place is well lit and has sofas and cushions, adding more comfort while you have your food. Like a dedicated group of craftsmen, Edamame employees prepare your food with great skill and to perfection. It is all done to make your experience in Edamame memorable.


 Japanese Kani Salad

This Japanese Kani Salad is light, refreshing, and colourful. It is a vibrant salad with crunchy vegetables that have been chopped up. Imitation crab sticks, tobiko and mayonnaise-based dressing have also been added. It has a light and creamy texture with sweetness and savoury taste culminating into a satisfying crunch in every bite. Japanese Kani Salad is one of the most preferred dishes in Edamame. The fresh cucumber and carrots in the salad prepare your mouth and stomach for a full-course Japanese meal.


 Chicken Bao

Looking for an elegant and sophisticated party dish? The answer is to eat fluffy, steamed mini-Bao buns that have been garnished with fried chicken dipped in bread crumbs, fresh lettuce, and other vibrant and creamy condiments. When you take a bite of this dish, the dish melts in your mouth leaving a delicate, creamy and spicy mayo aftertaste perfectly pairing up with the taste of tender and juicy chicken.


  Furikake Sushi Roll

The Japanese seven spices are specifically used to make Furikake Sushi rolls. Furikake typically is a mixture of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate. Inari (tofu) is used to make the sushi roll along with marinated shiitake (mushroom).  Asparagus is also added in sushi, which is also beneficial as it helps in weight loss, improves digestion and also lowers blood pressure. Tempura flakes are used as toppings. This dish is served with light soy sauce to go with the sushi.


 Kaizen Sushi Roll

Kaizen Sushi Roll is prepared using the ingredients tuna, ikura, tobiko, and truffle reduction sauce and smoked on apple cherry wood. The sushi is enhanced with Tuna and Hamachi. Hamachi is a younger version of yellowtail fish. This dish is served with light soy sauce to go with the sushi. A small flower and fresh vegetables make the perfect garnish for Kaizen Sushi Roll. As soon as the plate reaches your table, you can’t resist having a bite of this Sushi. This dish is the most recommended dish in this restaurant.


 Rock shrimp

Rock shrimp is also known as Dynamite Shrimp. The addictive, crispy, fried shrimp is coated in delicious sweet and spicy mayonnaise dressing. This shrimp is dipped in flour and then in batter. Then, it is fried and coated with spicy mayo sauce. This dish can be had as an appetiser or the main course.



Tsukune is a famous Japanese dish made from chicken meatballs and is frequently served in Edamame. Tsukune is usually skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled on the coal barbecue grill. This Tsukune dish is a great appetiser as well as a main dish for everyday dinners. The main ingredients are leek and ground chicken, which has a delicate texture. Tsukune is drizzled with Teriyaki sauce. These Japanese Tsukune are absolutely delicious. Slightly charred, soft ground chicken and drizzled with teriyaki, it’s quite hard to stop eating.


 Mushroom  and Cheese Bao

A must-try dish in Edamame is the mushroom and cheese Bao. As soon as the dish is placed on your table, you can’t help but take a bite. The fluffy buns cheese flavour melts in your lips as you take a mouthful. The mushroom and cheese Bao appears so tasty that you can’t stop licking your fingers. In this dish, wild mushrooms and cheese are stuffed into buns.


   Grilled Lamb Chop

Lamb chops seem pretty fancy, but as soon as the dish is placed on your table, you can’t help but take a mouthful. This dish is made by letting the lamb chops marinate for at least an hour. The lamb chop is topped with an Asian blended sauce. This dish’s creamy texture and the meat’s tenderness are both wonderful as you take a bite of it.


  Baked Matcha Cheesecake

Matcha cheesecake is decadent, creamy, and bursting with one of the best green tea flavours. Matcha dessert is guaranteed to be this soft, creamy cake with the cookie crust on the bottom. Since their early days when it was regarded as a specialty and occasionally a rather weird drink, the reputation of Matcha has come a long way in Nepal. White whipped cream and strawberry garnish are used to top this dessert. This matcha cheesecake is a must-try dessert after a meal.

The tranquil setting and superb dining experience in Marriott’s Edamame Restaurant make it a perfect location for enjoying delectable cuisines from various Asian culinary traditions and cultures.



Compiled by: Nikita Gautam

Photos by: Ayush Maharjan

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