Top Things to Experience in Kathmandu

16, Sep 2020 |

If you are person who likes to get away from distraction to have ample time in peace or if you are the one who wants to hike and do some crazy stuffs, then Kathmandu is right destination for you which offer both under a single roof.

Are you continuously searching for some places to refresh your mind? Is the upcoming holiday bothering your mind because you have no idea how to spend all those weeks? Then, here you are in the right direction and after going through this, you will directly start planning and packing for your Kathmandu trip.

Kathmandu, best known for its natural charm and unparalleled beauty, is the capital and largest city of Nepal. Right from heritage sites to adventure hikes to relaxing places- you don't have to miss anything if you ever come into this place. In one sentence, it can be said that heritage walk Kathmandu is itself a small package full of every natural aspect. If you are a person who likes to get away from distraction to have ample time in peace or if you are the one who wants to hike and do some crazy stuff, then Kathmandu is the right destination for you which offers both under a single roof.

Whether you are vacationing with your friends or family, no place other than Kathmandu can give you the best memories. Unlike other places, there are a lot of things to do in Kathmandu with family and friends that can fill your time full of excitement. So, let's check some of the best activities that take place in this city-

1.  Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal Hiking

Budhanilkantha to sundarijal hiking, also known as Shivapuri hiking, is one of the top-most places to hike in Kathmandu which includes the pilgrimage sites- Budhanilkantha temple, Shivapuri National Park, Nagi Gompa and Tarebhir. If you call yourself adventurous and wondering for top things to experience in Kathmandu, then hiking is the best option to choose. This hiking is perfect for enjoying blended landscapes with natural vegetation, varieties of birds, wildlife, waterfall, dense forest and to enjoy the different atmosphere in Tamang monastery at Nagi Gompa. You can't resist yourself from watching the panoramic view including hills of Kathmandu and mountains from the top of shivapuri. Cycling and biking is a plus point of these places as you can just swipe to these options if you don't feel well enough to cover your hiking by walking.

Location: North of Kathmandu

Ideal for: Friends and families

Entry fee: If you are a student carrying an id-card, then you will be in place to pay from Rs 20 to Rs 40, for adults, it ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 100 and for tourists, it ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 500 ($1 to $5).

Facilities: Washroom

Transportation: You can start your hiking from Chakrapath either in a public vehicle like a bus costing Rs 40 (less than $1) , a taxi costing Rs 700 in average (around $7) or you can go on your own private vehicles.

Best time to Visit: Autumn season when there is neither too hot nor too cold.

Tip: Avoid scheduling your hiking during monsoon as roads and alleys of these places are under construction and might lead towards problems.

2.  Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the three squares within Kathmandu valley. Undoubtedly, this place will fill your mind with greatest satisfaction. It is not like other usual places as it has been surrounded by 16th - 19th century monuments of Nepal. It falls under top things to do in Kathmandu mainly at night where you can learn the local customs and enjoy grand hospitality. Here, you can enjoy hidden old statues, jewelry in the middle of the place making it more eye-catching to walk, thangka, wood carving, music, cafe and bar etc. Once you put your foot in this square, you will get bunch of places to roam around including Thamel, restaurants in freak street, third eye Basantapur, Indra Chowk, Seto Machhendranath Temple, Asan Tole, Kumari Chowk, Hanuman Dhoka etc. that will without any doubt give you peace on one hand and on the other hand, fill your mind with new cultural ideas and views.

Location: Centre of Kathmandu

Ideal for: Friends, families and kids

Entry fee: Since, this is best known as a tourist destination which charges Rs 1000 ( around $ 10) for them and for local people it varies.

Facilities: Street foods and washroom

Transportation: Both private and public vehicles including car, bus, taxi etc.

3.  Pashupatinath Temple

People who have already been into this place, they certainly know that Kathmandu is the "City of Temple''. Pashupatinath temple is one of the oldest temples that lies at the banks of river Bagmati. If you visit this place with traditional vibes and respectful nature, then this visit can really be a turning point of your life. It holds many smaller temples where holy men can be seen everywhere. Beside all this, a major attraction of Kathmandu is Pashupatinath temple’s stone slabs designed along the riverside for funerals. It shows how life is bound in between birth and death. People after visiting here will really gain some positive energy within them. You can also find old sculptures which will make you familiar with Nepal's history. You can enjoy the aarti at evening around 6 to 7 which will make you realize how crowded places can also sometimes give you a peaceful scenario.

Location: Around Tribhuvan International Airport

Ideal for: Religious people of every age group

Facilities: Washroom and a few hotels offering snacks

Opening and Closing Time: Opens from 4 o'clock in the morning to 12 o'clock in the noon and opens from 5 o'clock in the evening to 9 o'clock in the night.

Best time to visit: This temple is best for visit throughout the year but highly recommended to visit during morning time.

Warning: Only hindus are allowed to enter the temple premises and other non-hindus and tourists are only allowed to view temple from across the street and roam around the other places. Also, cows are found freely crossing roads and roaming everywhere.

4.  Garden of Dreams

It is located in the centre of Kathmandu city, Nepal. It is a historic Neoclassical garden which is 74,000 sq.ft. with two large sections and also called as Garden of six seasons. It is the most advanced private gardens during the old days which was popular for dating spots. Today, it is a hangout place to chill and relax while you are in the middle of the bustling city not only for couples but for every person. Here, you can find a small museum, an amphitheatre and a cafe to sip on some cold or hot drinks with some snacks of your choice. You can enjoy greenery, captivating scenery and can give some time for yourself for mind relaxation.

Entry fee: It charges Rs 200 as entry fee.

Time: The Time may vary but usually it opens at 7 am and closes at 8 pm.

Ideal for: Friends, children and family

5.  Shopping and Street Food

Shopping and enjoying street food is another top thing to experience in the spice market of Kathmandu. Kathmandu is known for its woollen garment, khukuri, handicrafts, paper lanterns, thangka, gold items, fashionable clothes, purse, shoes, wood carving etc. Undoubtedly, traditional hand made products are best in Kathmandu and you can also find the best souvenir that you can give to your friends, families etc. as a memory. Nepalese food items are universally popular and among all of them most are found in Kathmandu streets. Traditional food items like sel roti, yomari, khaja set, laphing, momo, lassi, sekuwa, chatamari, samaya bhaji, samosa etc. are widely known food of this city. Once you pass through food stalls, you can't resist yourself from ordering it again and again.

Best places for shopping: New road, Thamel, Indra Chowk, Asan Bazar, Durbar Marg ( known for branded items like Reebok, Zara etc.), City Centre, Sherpa Mall, Kathmandu Mall etc.

Best places to enjoy food: Indra chowk, durbarmarg (plethora of cafes, bars, clubs), New road, Hanuman Dhoka ( best for newari food) etc.

Cost: Price for clothing will range from place to place but you need to learn to bargain if you are really planning to buy in Kathmandu's markets.

Tip: Never start shopping on the first day of your trip, keep the initial days to check prices in different shops.

Apart from all these activities, exploring Kathmandu by walking is another unique thing to do in Kathmandu that can never match any of the artificial adventures. Be there in the right season and you will find yourself walking through the clouds. Before you start your packing, check the weather report to keep the essential things with you. Dress up in layers to avoid uncertain weather changes and don’t forget to keep the map in the handbag as it helps a traveller to discover new roads to the goals.

Frequently asked questions for Kathmandu:

If it’s the first time you are going to visit Kathmandu, then you may have some questions in mind. Let’s answers a few of them from the following list –

How to reach Kathmandu?

You can reach Kathmandu by bus, car, bike etc.

Is the place worth visiting?

As Kathmandu is full of fun and adventure, one must not skip visiting this place.

Is it safe for couples?

It is indeed one of the safest places to be. No matter whether you are coming with your family or friends, Kathmandu will never let you face any kind of trouble during the vacation.

Which time of the year is best for visiting Kathmandu?

Though in summer you can find scorching heat of the sun, the weather stays relatively cool at this time. The average temperature for this place varies between 10°C and 29°C. October to June is the best time of the year to visit this place.

Which network connection works better in Kathmandu?

Well, you can carry any of the mobile networks as the coverage is good enough to connect with your people sitting outside the current state.

Do I need to pay any fare to enter Kathmandu?

No, you don’t have to pay for anything.

How many days must I keep in hand to visit Kathmandu?

It may take 4 days to explore the main attractions of this place. Well, you can plan for 1 week if you want to spend more time in the lap of nature.

What is the budget required to explore Kathmandu?

It depends on the package you select. Usually, it varies between 5500 and 8500 per person.


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