The Mahashivaratrti Mela preparations have been completed

17, Feb 2023 |

The Mahashivaratri Mela, which will be held at Pashupatinath on February 18th, has been completed

All the preparations for the Mahashivaratri mela to be held at Pashupatinath on February 18th Trayodashi have been completed.

According to the Pashupati Area Development Fund, eight sub-committees have been formed for the convenience of devotees who come to visit Pashupatinath on Mahashivratri. A core ceremony committee has been formed under the coordination of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kiranti for the preparation of Shivratri. Apart from journalists and volunteers, no pass has been arranged for entering the Pashupatinath area this year.

It is estimated that at least 2 million devotees will have direct darshan of Pashupatinath during this year's Shivratri and arrangements have been made for darshan through five lines for the management of devotees.

Arrangements are being made for security arrangements, publicity, darshan, night arrangements, accommodation, food, music, etc. According to the Pashupati Area Development Fund, the sub-committee has started work to monitor security arrangements, publicity arrangements, darshan, sandalwood temple and night arrangements, accommodation, food, firewood arrangements for Dhuni, arrangements for religious programs, and management of footwear.

Similarly, arrangements have been made for Naga Baba in the main temple complex of Pashupatinath, according to the organizers. Around 1,500 Nepal Police and Armed Police will be deployed for peace and security management during this year's Shivratri. The Nepali Army will also assist in the management of the original temple premises. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are expected to enter from neighboring countries including India on Mahashivratri.

Various areas of Pashupatinath are now colorfully decorated with flowers and electric lights. The work of decorating the Pashupatinath temple area with flowers is being completed today in collaboration with the Marwari society. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, a Prabhat Feri program was held in the Pashupatinath area on Thursday morning.

Pashupati Development Fund officials, employees, heads of government and non-government agencies, civil society leaders, students, and Nepali Army, Nepal Police, and Armed Police participated in the Prabhat Feri from the west gate of Pashupati this morning.

“This time during Mahashivratri, food will be arranged in the Hansmandap area for the sadhus who come from different places to fill the fair at Jagannathpuri's Govdrdhan Math. Arrangements have been made for cleanliness, toilets, drinking water, and a place to keep shoes and slippers in the Pashupati area,” said Narayan Subedi, Treasurer of Pashupati Area Development Fund.

“The work of decorating the main door of the temple with flowers will be completed one day before Shivratri. Firewood will be arranged in Nirmal, Bhashmeshwar, Ram Mandir, Sri Gorakhnath (Mrigasthali), Annapurna, and other places of Pashupati region for Dhuni,” said Ghanshyam Khatiwada, executive director of the development fund._Rss

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