Strengthening bilateral relationships through sports

4, Mar 2020 |

In the spirit of promoting sports and strengthening the relationship between Russia and Nepal

Soaltee Crowne Plaza in collaboration with Embassy of the Russian Federation in Nepal, VNY 2020 and National Sports Council for promoting Karate and building up the relationship between Russia and Nepal. Soaltee Crowne Plaza is the official hotel for the world champions in Nepal. Russian Karate team will be in Nepal for a one-week friendship visit from 1st – 9th March 2020.

Soaltee GM


Russian Guest

Along with the Karate Champions, the team was accompanied by President of The National Karate Federation Fudokan-Shotokan Russia Savransky Vasily. 

The champions are

Savransky Vassiliy: Born in 1956. He has won 5 European title championship and 7 World Championship title. He is currently an 8 dan and President of the Russian Karate Federation.

Rakhinsky Vladimir: Born on 01-12-1967. He is the World Champion in 2015 and 2019 and Europe Champion in 2018. He is currently a 4 dan Karate Champion.

Mkoyan Yuri: Born on 27-04-1998. He is the youngest among the other champions. 13 years in karate, he has already won the silver medal of World Championship 2015 and silver medal of Europe Championship 2016. He holds a second dan Karate belt.

The Champions

Karate Demonstration

Karate Demonstration

Karate Demonstration

Karate Demonstration

The main aim of their visit is to share the Karate experience of these world champion title holders from Russia with Nepal Karate Federation and local karate players to promote sports and strengthen the relationship between both nations. The team has already conducted joint training at the National Karate Federation and Police Academy. The Russian Karate team will visit Pokhara on 4th March 2020 for a training program at the Military Academy.

Seated in the Dias:

Upaul Majumdar – General Manager, Soaltee Crowne Plaza

Savransky Vasily – President, The National Karate Federation to Fudokan-Shotokan Russia

Manish Synghar  – Chairman and MD, Dimaz Group Mumbai

Purendrab Ikram Lakhey – President, Karate Federation in Nepal

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