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An abode for Annapurna massif, one of the world's 20 virgin peaks, with a vantage of Dhaulagiri and Manaslu, “POKHARA“ ultimately boasts a tag of pioneering tourism capital of Nepal. Accommodating Nepal’s second-largest Fewa lake, perched in the midst of 7 lakes viz Rupa, Begnas, Khaste, Dipang, Maidi, Niureni and Gundi, a shore to exuding Seti river, Pohara is obviously a unique confluence of utmost natural beauty.

Chock-full with mountains, lakes, caves, monasteries, art, literature and culture, Pokhara Valley is also acclaimed for its adventure tourism, hiking and trekking trails all around the globe. Besides, even ratified as sufficient reserves of herbs in all the districts of Gandaki Province, Pokhara also holds an emerging potential for agro-tourism behind the scene, especially for the development of commercial organic farming.

Pokhara Agro TourAgrotourism, proven and validated as a major indicator of GDP in developed countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and even our neighboring country India whereas Nepal, the agrarian nation, is still unable to establish Agro-tourism as a considerable factor of tourism where agriculture accounts 23.48% of GDP.

Pokhara Agro Tour

Protruding between two extremes of ongoing effects of COVID19 and projection & estimation of direct adverse impact on Nepal’s entire economy, "Pokhara Agro Tour" is a prototype to highlight the immense potential of agro-tourism in Nepal alongside conservation of natural and biological resources, it’s commercial promotion and replica of overall agro-tourism.


Quick Facts

Length of stay : 3 nights / 4 days
Difficulty – Easy
Max. Altitude – 1400 m to 1600 m
Place of visit / Travel: Major tourist landmarks inside Pokhara valley

Travel Itinerary

Pokhara Agro Tour

Day 1 
 Travel to Pokhara
 Dinner and Accommodation ( Destination Green Homestay + Hidden Paradise ) with cultural dance

Talbarahi aratiDay 2
 Rejuvenating chemical-free Nepali breakfast ( Destination Green Homestay & Hidden Paradise ).
 Sacred journey to Tal Barahi temple and visit to Bindabasini temple / Mosque / Church / Shanti Stupa according to religious beliefs.
 Heritage dining at Nepali Khanki with authentic 4-course Nepalese lunch.
 Serene farm tour spreading around 8.6 hectares of land ( ADAOS & Annapurna Organic Farm )
 Ethnic 2-course dinner at Nepali Khanki
 Rest & Relax ( Hidden Paradise & Destination Green Homestay )

Pokhara Agro Tour

Pokhara Agro Tour

Day 3 
 Breakfast ( Hidden Paradise & Destination Green Homestay )
 Soul awakening Yoga & Meditation session ( Purna Yoga Retreat )
 Authentic Nepalese culinary delights ( 4 course lunch at Nepali Khanki )
 Educational and research-based journey to major food reserves and markets of Pokhara. ( Optional: Mountain Bike Cycling)
 Enlightening Aarati service ( Hindu religious practice )
 Relishing 2-course Nepalese gastronomic lunch at Nepali Khanki
 Rest & Relax ( Hidden Paradise & Destination Green Homestay)

Pokhara Agro Tour

Pokhara Agro Tour

Day 4 
 Breakfast ( Hidden Paradise & Destination Green Homestay )
 Departure

If you are planning to visit Pokhara at Post – COVID and prefer to voyage a completely unique experience of “ Pokhara
Agro Tour “, kindly leave your contact details at pokharaagrotour@gmail.com .


Tour Overview

 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 Professionally trained tour manager
 First Aid
 General Insurance

 Alcoholic drinks
 Recreational/adventure activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, paddling, zip-flying, ultra-light, hot air ballooning and other similar activities

(P.S .: If you prefer to experience afore – mentioned activities, corresponding charges will be incurred to oneself.)

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