No Machhenarayan fair this year

11, Sep 2020 |

The fair which brings thousands of revelers has been put off so as to protect people from the coronavirus



COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on religious and cultural practices of Kathmandu valley – a place renowned for celebrating remarkable indigenous fairs and festivals that evolved during the reign of the Malla Kings.

Among others, the popular Machhenarayan fair which annually takes place at Chandragiri municipality-9 in the southern suburb of Kathmandu valley has been put off this year due to coronavirus fears.

The holy dip has fallen in the time of Adhik Maas, also popularly known as Puruswottam Maas. The concept of Adhik Maas is unique to the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. It is taken to be the most accurate method to adjust the gap between Solar and Lunar years.

The extra lunar month (Adhik Maas) this year will begin on 18 September through 16 October. Chandragiri municipality mayor Ghanashyam Giri told RSS that the – Machhenarayan fair which brings thousands of revelers has been put off so as to protect people from the coronavirus in Kathmandu Valley.

There is a religious belief that taking a holy dip in Machhenarayan pond and donating Malpuwa during Puruswottam Maas will considerably bring blessings from the gods. The municipality has publicly informed that the fair has been put off this year to avoid crowds.

It is widely believed that Lord Vishnu took his first incarnation in the holy place as Machhenarayan.


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