New generation attracted to preserving Tharu art culture

27, Nov 2022 |

The attraction of the new generation is increasing in preserving the art and culture of the Tharu people.

The younger generation is becoming more and more interested in maintaining the art and culture of the Tharu people. With the increase in the demand for dance, which is the original culture of the Tharu people, in the fairs and festivals along with various programs in the district, the new generation's initiative in the development has increased with the protection of the art and culture.

In recent times, the number of youths of Tharu community dressed in their costumes from the villages where tharu settlements are densely populated is increasing. In most of the programs held in the district, they are dressed in their costumes and costumes, dancing to welcoming guests.

There is a tradition of singing Sakhia songs in tharu caste and dancing maghauta dance in Maghi. Similarly, the dance is always danced, the jhumra dance, and the badka dance are also danced with colorful towels on their hands.

 “We have been participating in various programs and meetings held in the district along with the school as there is a demand for dance related to tharu caste.” Said Anita Chaudhary, a resident of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City-10

 “I have been participating in the program by dancing what I know and learning what I don't know. So that I get more knowledge about my art and culture as well as earn some income financially and encourage them." Said A student of class 11 who has been learning Tharu dance during his leisure time and also participating in programs.

"I wanted to dance, but I didn't want to participate in public events and dance because I was afraid of shame. It's a pleasure to dance dressed in your caste dress and attire. Along with the dance, I now like to wear clothes like lahanga, ghuriya, karya on hands, and sutya worn around the neck by women of Tharu caste since ancient times. I have been participating in various cultural programs from village to city due to his passion for art and culture.” Susmita Chaudhary of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City-17 who is also involved in the preservation of culture.

“The trend has increased in recent times. The development of Tharu culture, which has been obscured due to external culture along with modernity, as well as the initiative of the youth has helped in preserving the costumes and culture.” Said Chandra Prasad Chaudhary, a leader of the Tharu community

"I am happy to have a new generation in maghauta, badka, bramma and other dances, which are the original culture of the Tharu community," said Leader Chaudhary. ”_Rss

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