Ministry of Health and Population warns against using virus removing card

28, Jun 2020 |

People have been urged not to use 'virus removing card' after some distinguished persons themselves were found using these cards thinking that coronavirus would not be contracted by wearing this card.



The Ministry of Health and Population has urged one and all not to use the 'virus removing card' for prevention and control of COVID-19.

The Ministry has made this appeal to all not to use such card, saying this kind of card has not been made so far for prevention from coronavirus.

Ministry's spokesperson Dr Jageshwor Gautam said people have been urged not to use the card after some distinguished persons themselves were found using these cards thinking that coronavirus would not be contracted by wearing this card around the neck. He clarified that the government has not permitted this kind of card and urged people not to be misled at all, warning of legal action against people indulging in such misleading activities and playing with the public health for personal interests by swaying public sentiments.

"The Ministry's serious attention has been drawn to the confusion that 'virus removing card' has been discovered and it keeps COVID-19 at bay when worn around the neck," Ministry's spokesman Dr Gautam said, adding that such type of virus removing card has not been invented. This type of method and process for prevention of COVID-19 infection has not yet started.

He also said the Ministry was worried as it has been seen that some people might manufacture or bring from abroad cards in the name of virus removing cards for business purpose and supply them in the market, and take to publicity by various means making the distinguished people wear them.

The Health Ministry spokesperson warned that the chemical used in this type of card would have serious health impact by affecting the heart, lungs, liver and other organs. He urged one and all to be aware as various people and groups with vested interests were involved in spreading varied rumours during the present COVID-19 crisis.

"Had there been the use of the method of virus removing card, there would not have been so much problem throughout the world at present," he elaborated.

Noting that various people in society tended to seek opportunities for them at the time of the present COVID-19 crisis, Dr Gautam said this kind of tendency could also be defeated if all became united in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and fulfilled the role of responsible citizen.



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