Government urges people to stay indoors, unless essential

20, Jun 2020 |

The government has requested people to not venture out of their homes unnecessarily and to mandatorily wear a mask while going out.



The government has requested people to not venture out of their homes unnecessarily. The COVID-19 crisis management centre (CCMC) has requested people to mandatorily wear a mask while going out, and maintain physical distancing. The meeting of the CCMC on Friday decided to make quarantines more systematic, authorize the State governments to monitor them and follow the national testing guidelines to ensure testing within two weeks of those in the quarantines, committee member and Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali said.

Likewise, a decision was taken to direct the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security to develop guidelines to bring back the Nepalis who are unable to return in their own expenses. The Ministry has also been given the responsibility of managing the mortal remains of Nepalis brought from abroad. The Health Ministry has been urged to make necessary arrangement for health examination and treatment of the groups facing health risks due to Corona Virus infection, including women, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The CMC also decided to allow diplomatic staff to return home upon completion of their assignment and the new ones who have been deputed outside the country, including their family members. Also, workers who are on a holiday from foreign employment and those going for employment will be allowed to leave for their job based on recommendation of the Labour Ministry. Likewise, students will be allowed to go abroad for studies based on recommendation of the Education Ministry.

The meeting decided to release Rs. 350 million from the Central COVID-19 Fund to the municipalities, considering the need to establish more isolation and quarantine centres to address the increasing number of cases. The budget will be released through the concerned States, while they have also been authorized to seal off districts or municipalities if needed to check the spread of the Corona Virus.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens has been given the responsibility of overseeing the management of food and services in the quarantine and holding centres in the capital.



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