Adventure Tourism Flourishes in Palpa

7, Dec 2022 |

The historical Tansen Bazar, Rani Mahal, Bhairava Temple, Rishikeshava and other places are the main destinations here.

The identity of Palpa introduced by Dhaka and Karua has now been expanded by adventure tourism. The adventure water travel (rafting), paragliding and zipline conducted here have not only attracted tourists, but have also helped in the promotion of tourism in the district.

Rani Mahal, 13 km north of Tansen municipality, is located on a rock. The attraction of tourists has increased after the introduction of adventure water travel in the Kaligandaki river flowing under its guise The historical Tansen Bazar, Rani Mahal, Bhairava Temple, Rishikeshava and other places are the main destinations here. More than 200 domestic and foreign tourists visit Rani Mahal alone every day, and 15 to 20 people go on adventure trips every day.

October, November, April and May are the best months for paragliding. Paragliding has been taking place in Pokhara, Syangja, Dharan, Latipur, Kathmandu and other areas. Paragliding is usually done up to a thousand meters.

The zipline operating from the side of the Bhairava temple in Bhairavsthan located in Ribdikot rural municipality-4, which is connected to the Tansen market, has become another destination for the tourists coming here.

According to the geography of Nepal, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling race on difficult tracks, canyoning, paragliding, ultralight, bungee jump, rock climbing, high ropes, zip flyers, jungle safari, sky driving and skied are considered as adventure sports. Adventure tourism started in Nepal in 1953 when the government of Nepal opened the Everest mountain for climbing.

"Viewing the historic Tansen Bazar from the sky is a different experience", he says, "Paragliding is a good way to warm up the cold weather." Stated a visitor, Vikash Marhajan.

"At first I was very scared, but later I felt joy while rafting. Kali Gandaki is a good destination to dive into the water while enjoying nature.” Said Sudeep Paudel from Nepalgunj who came to visit Rani Mahal for the first time and also enjoyed the Kaligandaki river.

According to Get Up Palpa, an organisation working on tourism, “More than five hundred domestic and foreign tourists visit here every day.”

Rupam Kashpati, director of Tansen Sky, said “Paragliding has been conducted from Batase Danda in Tansen to Prabhas Lake. A pilot and a passenger will be used to take a look at Tansen Bazar, Srinagar and other scenic spots. He said that according to the choice of the passengers, they will be flown in the sky for 20 to 45 minutes. Paragliding allows you to see the beautiful valleys and glaciers of the northern region.”

Dev Pachbhaiya, director of Zipline, says “15 to 20 people come daily to cycle on the 500 meter long zip line. The said zipline has been put into operation by Palpa Darshan Pvt Ltd. Tourists come to enjoy the zipline along with the sight of the Bhairav ​​temple, which is introduced by the biggest trishul of South Asia.”_RSS

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