5 Things you should know related to the Covid-19 pandemic

6, Aug 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

5 things that you must consider while adopting preventive measures against Covid-19

1. Can you wear mask while exercising?

covid-19 prevention, mask while excersing

No, you cannot wear a mask while exercising as it reduces the ability to breathe. The sweat gets the mask wet and promotes the growth of microorganisms.  The best way to prevent infection while you exercise is to maintain physical distance with other people.


2. Can shoes spread Covid-19 infection?

shoes, covid19 prevention

The probability of Covid-19 being spread from shoes and infecting individuals is very low.  As a precaution, you can keep your shoes in a separate place away from the reach of children.


3. What virus causes Covid-19?

coronavirus, covid19

Covid-19 is caused by a virus and not bacteria. It is caused by a virus called Coronaviridae. Antibiotics do not work on viruses.  Some people may also develop a bacterial infection. In this case, antibiotics may be recommended by some health workers. This is currently no licensed medication to cure Covid-19. If you have any symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor.


4. Does the prolonged use of medical mask cause oxygen deficiency?

use of medical mask during covid19 pandemic

The prolonged use of a medical mask, when worn properly, does not cause CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency. Make sure the mask is worn tight and fits properly. Change the disposable mask as soon as it gets dump.


5. Can adding pepper in meals prevent or cure Covid-19?

black pepper on meal

Hot pepper in food may be tasty but it does not prevent or cure Covid-19. The best way to prevent Covid-19 is by maintaining physical distance, washing and sanitizing your hands frequently.  It is also beneficial if you maintain a balanced diet, stay well hydrated, exercise well and sleep well.



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