10 types of zoonotic diseases listed

Source: RSS 11, Jun 2021

The Ministry of Health and Population has listed 10 types of zoonotic diseases.

Lockdown lifted on Australia's Melbourne, alert still on

Source: Xinhuanet 11, Jun 2021

Australian city Melbourne's COVID-19 lockdown eased since Thursday midnight.

People throng to get subsidized rice in Dailekh

Source: RSS 11, Jun 2021

People have thronged the district office of Food Management and Trade Company here to get rice.

Why do some people get side effects after COVID-19 vaccines?

Source: APN 11, Jun 2021

Temporary side effects including headache, fatigue and fever are signs the immune system is revving up a normal response to vaccines.

S.Korea to extend tight quarantine measures for 3 weeks

Source: Xinhuanet 11, Jun 2021

South Korea on Friday decided to extend its tight quarantine measures for three more weeks amid the continued COVID-19 cases.

South Africa "technically" enters third COVID-19 wave

Source: 11, Jun 2021

South Africa "technically" entered the third wave of COVID-19 on Thursday according to the statistics.

Tamu Society UK provides Rs 1.125 million in aid of COVID-19 patients

Source: RSS 11, Jun 2021

The Tamu Society UK has provided Rs 1.125 million in support of the COVID-19 affected people in Nepal.

Germany starts rolling out a digital EU vaccination pass

Source: APN 11, Jun 2021

Germany started rolling out a digital vaccination pass that can be used across Europe as the continent gets ready for the key summer travel season.

Raptors, twists and drops on Universal’s new Jurassic ride

Source: APN 11, Jun 2021

The creators of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster roller coaster had more to contend with than just encounters with rabid raptors.

Hong Kong, Singapore to review launch date of COVID-19 Air Travel Bubble

Source: Xinhuanet 11, Jun 2021

Hong Kong said that it will review the target date of inaugural flights under the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble in early July.

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