Magnificent Boudhanath Stupa

Magnificent Boudhanath Stupa

The Ancient Craft of Pottery

The Ancient Craft of Pottery

Dolakha Bhimenstan

Dolakha Bhimenstan

Traditional Hitis of Kathmandu

Traditional Hitis of Kathmandu


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Bandipur: A Traveller's Paradise

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17, May 2022

Glimpses of Buddha Jayanti from Swayambhu

Recognising Buddha as an enlightened teacher who shared his insights to help people break away from the cycle of suffering and death, devotees and loc....

18, May 2022

Perspective Among World’s Highest Peaks

Visually impaired mountaineer, Jill Wheatley’s perspective on climbing the world’s 14 peaks that stand above 8000 meters is a gift of her surviving a....

17, May 2022

Glimpses of Buddha Jayanti from Boudhha

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated to honor the life of Lord Buddha; his birth, his enlightenment and his death. This day recognises Buddha as an enlighte....

15, May 2022

The Korean Capital: An Asian Supercity

Being the biggest and the most populous city in the country, there are many small places and locations inside the massive city, here are some you shou....

10, May 2022

Movies Filmed in Nepal

With Nepal being the spotlight for many international movies of all genres and audience, let us look back at some movies that have portrayed Nepal in....

14, May 2022

A Visit to the Farmer's Market

Every Saturday, artists, bakers, restaurateurs and farmers gather at LeSherpa, selling fresh bakery items, jam, pickle, jewellery, and fresh produce.....

11, May 2022

Luxury Hotels to look out for!

After two years of recession, Nepal’s hospitality industry kicks back as over 27 luxury hotels are set to be constructed within the next few months/ y....

11, May 2022

Resting at the Confluence of Scale and Spirituality

The melting pot of scenery and culture, Tengboche Monastery offers a physical and the spiritual journey that everyone must experience for oneself

9, May 2022

Sama Chakewa: Celebrating Family, Folklore and Festival

​​​​​​​Take a peek behind the roots of Sama Chakewa  and  the familial bonds upon which it stands 

10, May 2022

Where Healing Comes Naturally

If you’re looking for oasis-like solitude, Begnas Lake Resort & Villas just might be your calling

8, May 2022

The Art of Pottery

Pottery is more than a day job for the people in Bhaktapur- it symbolises the work of their ancestors. A skill that has been passed down from generati....

7, May 2022

Challenges in the Hospitality Sector

With Nepal being so dependent on the apparatus of trade and tourism, we must identify and address the current challenges that the industry faces in th....

5, May 2022

Taza: It's Fresh!

Setting the standard for Syrian cuisine, Taza and Taza Treats offer the best Middle-Eastern food in Kathmandu

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