Morning Glances Of Basantapur

Morning Glances Of Basantapur

Shrawan: The Holy Month Of Hinduism

Shrawan: The Holy Month Of Hinduism

Ebiking To Lo Manthang

Ebiking To Lo Manthang

Glimpses Of Gathamangal

Glimpses Of Gathamangal


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Luscious and Delicious: The flavours of Rain Patan

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15, Aug 2022

Bikalpa: Home to young, joyful, creative people

A common platform with regular art exhibitions, movie nights, a beer garden, and live music, Bikalpa Art Centre caters to the local and international....

12, Aug 2022

Thakali Delight by Vivanta: Weekend lunch for your family at an affordable price

A Saturday outing in a well-decorated fine dining restaurant, Thakali Delight is Vivanta’s unlimited buffet with a diverse choice that has something f....

11, Aug 2022

Annamaya: Food made with love

Annamaya, as per the Nepali meaning, means ‘love of food’, and the dishes here quite live up to the name.

10, Aug 2022

PATA Nepal Mourns the death of Founder Member Jyoti Lal Khanna

The Nepali tourism industry is indebted to Khanna for his invaluable contribution, lifelong dedication, untiring efforts and notable roles for over 45....

10, Aug 2022

Himalaya Airlines operated a diplomatic flight to Qingdao

Upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' request, Himalaya Airlines operated a special diplomatic charter flight to Qingdao (Tsingtao), China, on August....

9, Aug 2022

Top 5 Restaurants in Kathmandu with Board Games

Going to restaurants and eating food gets really monotonous. What if we told you that you can enjoy your food along with your favourite board games? S....

8, Aug 2022

Dog Lovers Show held after a three-year break

Dog breed clubs representing more than 40 breeds in the state of New South Wales took part in the two-day weekend event on August 7 and 8, bringing ov....

7, Aug 2022

Banglamukhi on a Thursday

Banglamukhi is one of Patan's well-known Hindu temples which is specially crowded on Thursdays as it is considered as the day of Bhagwati.

5, Aug 2022

Here’s where you should dine, according to your star sign

In a new column, Nepal Traveller’s clairvoyant astrologer, Moon Down, looks to the cosmo for answers on where you should dine this coming week.

4, Aug 2022

Aema-K : Greece, reimagined!

One of the real pleasures of hanging out in Boudha’s restaurants is the rooftop view of the stupa. But what if you get to enjoy the serene view with a....

3, Aug 2022

Top 5 Picnic Spots Near Kathmandu Valley

Picnics are an excellent way to take a break from your busy life. So, to help you break the monotony, Nepal Traveller has rounded up five picnic spots....

2, Aug 2022

Nagpanchami celebration at NagPokhari

The festival of Nag Panchami honors Krishna's victory against Kalia, who pledged to stop molesting people in exchange for his life in the presence of....

1, Aug 2022

On A Hike: Anjila’s Weekend Activity With Friends

Hiking is a way to indulge in nature, get some fresh air and recharge your batteries at its simplest. Walking outside and taking steps one ahead of an....

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