DAY 4: Trekking the Annapurna Gurung Trail

Along the valley through small untouched villages

  •  20 Oct 2017  | embarks on the Annapurna Gurung Trail, a 5-day trek with Ker and Downey Nepal. This is day 4 and we will continue to give you details of this awesome trip with daily updates.

Landruk to Majgaun

For someone who is not a morning person, waking up at dawn has now become a habit. I actually look forward to waking up early in the morning as the mountains are clear, the air is fresh and you just feel at peace in what I now feel is like my home away from home.

The staff bring us our morning tea as we admire the mountains and shoot a time-lapse. Our guide comes up and tells us that as it rained last night which is why we would have to leave early as we won’t  take the shortcut which would be full of leaches.

Having been warned about the leaches before, we agree not to take the shortcut and after another fulfilling breakfast of cornflakes, toast, sausages and boiled eggs we head to our fourth stop Majgaun. The staff at Landruk Bee Lodge were sweet enough to pack us a light snack in case we got hungry on the way to Majgaun.

The trail to Majgaun was not as daunting and for the first hour, we walked on flat roads used by vehicles. We walked through a small town called Tolka, through farmland and terraces after which we took a steep downhill through the forest where we could only hear the sounds of birds and insects. After walking downhill for nearly an hour we reach a rugged suspension bridge from there on in we had to go uphill.

The guide tells us that very few trekkers come via this route as it is quite tricky so this part of the valley is untouched. As we begin to go uphill we finally see people. Climbing up a hill we walk past a few waterfalls. We reach a hill where we decide to stop for a bit and enjoy the stunning view of the valley behind us. A little while later there is another steep descent to another small river after which the path becomes easy and gently weaves round the hillside.

As we close into Majgaun, we come across a steep walk that would take us to the main village where the Ker and Downey Gurung Lodge is located. Walking in this damp uphill full of steps I see dead leaches and not stalling for long I climb those steps at a brisk pace. As the stairs end, we reach millet fields that surround the place and soon we reach Ker and Downey Nepal’s Gurung Lodge.

After an enjoyable walk we were greeted by the lovely lodge staff with the traditional glass of cold lemonade and were taken to our room. Opened in 2001, Gurung Lodge has been built like any other tea houses around the area. The staff have maintained this lodge very well and the cottages give you a feel like you’re in a 5 star hotel again with pleasant views down the valley and if the weather is still clear back all the way to Annapurna South. They also have a family room which makes it easier if you’re travelling with kids as you won’t have to book two rooms. There is also an option for head and foot massages at the lodge.

After we freshen up lunch is served which includes a noodle soup and egg fried rice accompanied by a bowl of fruit and chocolates. After a satisfying lunch we head over to our room which also has a wooden recliner outside where we lay down and enjoyed the view.

Post tea we visited the Himalayan Cottage Museum in the upper village about 30 minutes walk away. The Museum aims to preserve the Gurung culture and artefacts along with promoting tourism and providing informative data for studies and research.

After an insightful tour of the village we rush back to the lodge as it starts to drizzle. We sit with the staff and talk about how drastically tourism has developed in this region. They also tell us to wake up early to enjoy unspoilt views of the mountains and recommend a nature walks of the local countryside.

After the insightful conversation dinner is served. We are given a bean soup and honey lemon chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Dinner was followed by a delicious carrot pudding and tea/coffee.

As its still raining we return to our rooms ready to go to bed as it will be another early start to our day as we will be heading up to Dhampus tomorrow which is going to be a tough climb.

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