DAY 3: Trekking the Annapurna Gurung Trail

Mountains, hills and the people all leave a positive impression

  •  19 Oct 2017  | embarks on the Annapurna Gurung Trail, a 5-day trek with Ker and Downey Nepal. This is day 3 and we will continue to give you details of this awesome trip with daily updates

Ghandruk to Landruk

I wake up at the crack of dawn. There is something very pleasant and exciting about mornings near the mountains. The clouds that were surrounding the mountains all disappear. Like the clouds, in the fresh morning air all my tiredness from the hike the day before disappeared as well.

As I sit in the garden admiring the mountains, the staff bring us our morning tea. Sipping the warm cup of tea, I couldn’t help but think about the pollution and traffic back in Kathmandu. But I wasn’t going to Kathmandu anytime and I enjoyed the rays of the sun as it lit up the Machapuchere. Waking up early in the Himalayas and soak in the moment is something that will stay with me for years to come.

At around 7 we are served breakfast in the garden with the mountains in the backdrop. The breakfast included Tibetan bread, muesli, fried potatoes, fried eggs, juice and fruits. After such a healthy breakfast we thanked the staff for hosting us and bid farewell and head towards Landruk.

Breakfast with a view at Himalaya Lodge, Ghandruk

Landruk is only 400 m below Ghandruk,  but when you take into consideration that it’s on the other side of the valley and we had to go down, cross a bridge and climb around 300 m to get there I start to panic a bit. I ask the guide how difficult it would be to with he says I won’t be easy as it looks as it includes a steep trail down to the river from where it would probably take about an hour or two of steep hiking to Landruk.  

Not fond of climbing stairs, I thought going downhill would be easier. Initially, it was as we reached the Ghandruk gate very quickly. It took us over an hour to get to The Ker and Downey Himalaya Lodge the previous day and coming downhill we reached the gate in around 20 minutes. But little did I know how tricky it would get after that.  Taking a left from the gate the steep downhill to Landruk began.

Landruk seen from Ghandruk

The first hour was relatively easy, but as the sun got warmer the walk down started to get harder. The steps were steep and uneven which made it even more difficult. Walking down we came across children who were on their way to school. It was amazing to see these kids climb these steep stairs to go to school.

As we stopped very often, it took us around 2 hours to reach the foot of the hills where we stopped again before we began the steep climb to Landruk. After resting at a local teahouse for about 10-15 min we crossed the bridge and began our climb.

Initially, I thought this wouldn’t be as hard as climbing from Birethanti to Ghandruk, but it was as tough if not tougher. The steep downhill had taken its toll on my legs and there were times I felt I wouldn’t make it as the guide and my colleague were maybe 3-4 flights of stairs ahead of me. But in about 2 hours we were in Landruk, another stop spot before heading toward Annapurna Base Camp as many believe it’s easier to go through Landruk than via Ghandruk.

We are greeted with a cold glass of lemonade at Landruk Bee Lodge. I still feel that was the best lemonade I have ever had. After drinking a pitcher of lemonade we head over to our rooms and freshen up  for lunch. We were served noodle soup and egg and mayo sandwich which was followed by the usual bowl of fruits and tea/coffee.

Opened 6 years ago, Landruk Bee Lodge is set on a hill overlooking mountains and villages like Ghandruk and Chhomrong. The lodge is huge and open from 3 sides. You can either sit and watch the valley or watch the sun set down in the valleys in the west.

The evening was really pleasant and we sat in wooden recliners outside our room talking about how beautiful the place is and how we’ve not been disappointed by wherever we’ve been through so far. It’s not just the place, the people and the mountains are sure to leave a positive mark on you.

We wait for the clouds to clear but soon its dark and we head down for dinner. We are served vegetable soup which is followed by spaghetti and chicken chilli which was very fulfilling. The meal was followed by apple pudding and tea/coffee.

As we head to our rooms after dinner we sit and stare at Ghandrunk and the way we came from. I sit on the recliner hoping it’s a clear day tomorrow so we get to see the majestic mountains yet again. With Every passing day I have the urge not to go back but sadly I have to and our next destination is Majgoan where we will be heading tomorrow. 

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