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Away from the normal hustle and bustle of Kathmandu is Old House Restaurant which is dedicated to serving French fusion food

Durbarmarg is home to a lot of good hotels and fine eateries. You have a host of restaurants serving Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisine. Among them, setup in a quiet alley away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu is The Old House which is only a few 100 meters from Hotel Yak and Yeti or Sherpa Mall.

The restaurant opened in 2014 and has been serving food with a touch of French fusion. The menu was designed by a French chef and follows the principles of gastronomic cooking. Over the years the restaurant has invited many chefs who have come from all over the world and trained the restaurant’s staff.

The ambience of the restaurant gives it a European feel. Nepal’s architecture like most things in the country is a diverse mixture that over time has assimilated various outside influences to create strikingly unique city which can be seen today. That is precisely the vibe The Old House gives with its century old colonial style building. The old Rana house is classy and the courtyard outside has an exotic feel which gives one a feeling of sitting in a sophisticated designed garden somewhere in Europe.

I tried two of their specials. First was the Lamb Rack which was juicy and full of flavours as it was grilled with herbs like rosemary and thyme. It was tender and the vegetable puree complimented the lamb’s taste. The head chef mentions that they concentrate on using products and ingredients that are organic, fresh, and locally sourced.

The other one was the Goat Cheese Bun. For someone who isn’t a big fan of goat cheese, this dish really took me by surprise. The goat cheese had a smooth texture and was mixed with onions and herbs and then deep fried. If you’re fond of cheese, you have to try the Goat Cheese Bun. Along with these, I’d also recommend the grilled shrimp, salmon and steak and chicken items which are very popular.

Apart from the menu, patrons can also enjoy their 5 course Tasting Menu where you can sample the best items prepared by their chef. The items on this menu change according to the season but the taste is sure to leave you wanting for more. Along with the 5 course meal, you can also go for the chef’s special. Chefs love the amuse bouche because it gives them the chance to execute a dish that is sure to surprise the customer. Along with the food, you can relax at their courtyard and enjoy hot or cold beverages. They also do a ‘Happy-hour’ everyday between 6.30 PM – 8 PM where they have different offers going on every day. I also recommend the Kathmandu Draught beer that is served right from the tap.

The Old House is probably one of Kathmandu's best kept secrets. The atmosphere of the place is superb with great food at reasonable prices and located in one of the city's nicest avenues. It's definitely a place to visit for a casual or fine dining experience. It’s a wonderful place to stay till late or hang out with some beers or cocktails. You can sit there enjoy the music and chill out without any noise of vehicle horns from the street.

Contact Information:

Opening hours: 9 AM - 11 PM

Phone: 01-4250931




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