Shangri la reopens Gourmet Coffee Lounge

  •   2017-08-31  |

Gourmet Coffee Lounge offers good music, tantalizing food and great company.

There can be no pleasant way to spend an evening than to spend it in the open sky with good music, tantalizing food and great company. This is what any person can get at Shangri La Hotel’s open and lush Gourmet Coffee Lounge.   

As the evening turned cool with the light clouds floating in the sky in a backdrop of the silent moon, the musicians tuned in their instruments and out poured a repertoire of melodious tunes that for me brought back a healthy dose of memories. Music has the power to do that in a way that’s almost unfathomable.

The light air in the garden was after some time flooded with the thick aroma of succulent food from the local favorite Momo to Biryani to Pasta. But all these choices of food were only like scratching the surface. The lounge has an excellent and impeccable serving of food and the taste is even more refined. The most amazing thing about it though is that one can witness how the food that lands on our plate is prepared. It’s an interesting sight to see the chef tossing the contents in the steaming pan as immediately out gushes mouth watering aroma. The pasta that was now ready tastes wonderful with a perfect balance of the sauce and cheese that would otherwise be difficult to imagine in the same plate.  

The main course, however, is even better than the appetizers. Firstly to begin with there is Pork Chop Apple Relish Sauce which was as juicy and flavourful as it sounds. With each bite out it was an explosion of flavor that is only possible with Pork as the main element. But a personal favorite of mine was Grilled Fish with Seafood Capers Sauce. This dish was neither too dry and was exempt from the common mishap of seafood being too slimy. It tasted as good as it looked and the balance was perfectly executed. The desserts were an entirely different category though. It was every sweet lover’s dream come true and looked straight out of a fairytale.

With the accompaniment of good wine and cocktails, the food could not get any better. The night was made pleasant by the soulful voice of the singer in a backdrop of a quiet hum of people’s conversations. People were livelier, they laughed more freely and it seemed they didn’t run out of topics for conversations.

Days in the city can get tiring sometimes with its endless hustle and movement, but evenings like this can offer an escape. Good food, music and great company in a peaceful environment are what people need after a hectic day; all within your reach at the peaceful Gourmet Coffee Lounge of Shangri la Hotel, Kathmandu.  


Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 


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