Celebrate the artistry of Thai Cuisine at Hotel Yak and Yeti

  •   2017-08-20  |  nepaltraveller.com

Experience the best of Thailand at the Sunrise Restaurant, Hotel Yak and Yeti in Kathmandu from August 19 to August 25

There are times I feel blessed to be residing in Kathmandu. There is so much that this city has to offer especially when it comes to food. It is safe to say the city is a haven for foodies with a number of food festivals happening at regular intervals. One such event that is taking place this week is the Thai Food Gala at Hotel Yak and Yeti.

The food festival jointly hosted by The Embassy of Thailand and Hotel Yak and Yeti kicked off at the Regal Ballroom on 18 August, Friday and was dedicated to all the ambassadors, diplomats and corporates. The event was lively and even included a cooking demonstration by the Thai chefs who showcased the preparation of Pad Thai and Som Tam for those present. Apart from that the event also had cultural programmes that showcased both Nepali and Thai culture.

Speaking at the inauguration, the Thai Ambassador to Nepal, HE Bhakavat Tanskul said, “I strongly believe that with this food festival all of you present here will get to taste our finest cuisine and also get to know more about our culture. Talking about Thai food I feel it has a unique blend and balance of taste consisting of spices, saltiness, sourness and sweetness complimented by all the fresh and aromatic Thai herbs. I hope all of you will enjoy it.”

The Thai chefs created many dishes that they wanted people to try. For starters I went for the Tom Yam Kung which was a perfect way to start the meal after the downpour in the evening. It was warm, fresh and extremely delicious and made me go back for more. I also tried the Grilled Eggplant Salad which was something very different and was rich in flavour and texture. The Thai chefs also recommended the Shrimp Roll and the Chicken Satay, both of which had their unique taste and if you plan to go there you should definitely try them. I also tried Som Tam, the common green papaya salad which was juicy, tangy, spicy and crunchy. It had the goodness of cherry tomatoes, papaya, peanuts, lime, and sugar, a wonderful combination.

When it came to the main course there was a plethora of items to choose from. I’d heard a lot about the Thai Green Curry and it didn’t disappoint. Its aroma and taste was something distinctive for a Nepali and I think a lot of patrons will love it. Before I opted for the non-veg items I went for Tofu and mushrooms in vegetable sauce with sticky rice and I must say, I never thought I would like it as much as I did, which is why it is a must for all the vegetarians who are going to Thai Food Gala.

As Thailand is famous for its sea food the crispy fish with chilli sauce was another item on my list. The fish was really crispy, and the spicy sauce was delightful and to add to that I also had some well cooked grilled chicken which complimented my palate. I must say the Thai do love their food which is packed with flavours and healthy punch. Even the dessert had the traditional Thai touch with its basic ingredients which was flavoursome.

I may not have been to Thailand, but the Embassy of Thailand and Hotel Yak and Yeti has brought the chefs to our doorstep. The menu is designed to offer everyone the chance to experience the very best of Thai cuisine from fresh ingredients to sumptuous dishes, traditional cooking method and innovative recipes. On each day of the festival, there will be activities taking place. Those present will also be able to enjoy the music and entertainment to be provided. 


Date: 19 August – 25 August

Time: 6 PM onwards

Venue: Sunrise Restaurant, Hotel Yak and Yeti

Price: 2000 + taxes

For reservations call: 01-42848999 (Extension: 2865)



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