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Genesis café is devoted to bike lovers and bike culture, serving everyone from recreational bikers, to those for whom a bike is an indispensable form of transportation.

An all Bike themed café isn’t common here in a city where everyone loves bikes. Genesis café with its clean lines and modern look creates a great ambience for everyone, especially for motorcyclists. The place is decorated with motorcycles and biker décor which has been very elegantly done giving attention to small details and it is safe to say the food is just as outstanding.

The café is owned by two motorcycle enthusiast Ateet Shrestha and Saujan Pradhan both of whom have a background in cooking. The idea to start the restaurant began in Australia where both of them wanted to start something that could be a hub for bike enthusiast and for other travellers as well. As Ateet is a chef by profession, he insists he wanted to mix his passion for biking and cooking and create a place that could blend them both. I like the fact that Genesis is a place where people can come and talk about things they love and eat as well as observe the different bikes that has been displayed at the café. In todays age where drinking and driving is strictly prohibited the combination of coffee and bikes is sure to please a lot of people.

Both Ateet and Saujan feel that food and travelling go hand in hand as there are different type of food you can find around Nepal. Which is why whenever they head out on trips they try to explore the culture behind the food around the places. Ateet and Saujan along with BikerzAus Nepal are researching and exploring lots of places in Nepal and coming up with the recipes that they can plate up at Genesis. A recent example is when they travelled to Mustang and have tried to create the Thakali Khana set from the recipe they got there. When they travel around Nepal they don’t just want to showcase its diverse natural beauty but they also want to promote the food that Nepal can offer.

Talking about the food they have variety of items to choose from ranging from salads to pastas. Their famous Jhol Momo has been received well by a patrons. The menu has been designed by Ateet and is suitable for everyone. 

For starters I tried Suku’s Salad which had Pumpkin, sweet potato, watercress, walnut, feta and olive oil dressing which blended very well with the chicken which was cooking in sous-vide style. The salad tasted really nice and is ideal if you’re health conscious. To go with the salad I also went for the Mexican Spiced Chicken Strips which had a crisp outer coating but was moist and delicious inside loaded with south-western flavour.

Mexican Spiced Chicken Strips

Suku's Salad

For the main course Ateet recommended the Pork Belly which was cooked twice and was served with cinnamon smoked apple mustard relish and broccoli. The pork belly tasted delicious as it was tender and juicy complimented with the crispy pork skin which did not have a lot of fat under it. I can see why he recommended it and I think anyone who visits the place should try it. 

Pork Belly

Genesis café offers quite the experience with its modern surrounding and warm interior. The hanging motorbike, the race tracks, paintings and their warm soft lighting makes everyone comfortable. Along with that the combination of flavours, quality ingredients and richness in food is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Genesis’ Bar Rendezvous and the Racer Café offers a range of warm and cold drink to choose from. They also offer live music on Fridays. 

For more information:

Address: Panipokhari, Kathmandu (Near the National Dental Hospital)

Open: 9:00AM – 10:00PM Everyday

Phone: +977 – 9841466304


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