Celebrating Shrawan Sangranti

  •   2017-07-16  |  nepaltraveller.com

Nepal’s green festival of merrymaking and devotion

When all the land in Nepal turns gorgeously green with tiny saplings of paddy gently swaying in the wind after the end of the plantation, Shrawan Sangranti begins with a lot of merrymaking and devotion.

Green is the colour that holds a deep importance to the Nepali people; it is the colour that signifies the end of their hard work during the heavy rains of Ashar.  It is deeply connected with the primitive dependency of people on agriculture which is reflected in the way people celebrate this festival.

Green it seems is not only dominant in the open lands but also in the narrow marketplaces of Ason, inside the glass windows of Cosmetic shops, on the slim wrists of women jangling as they pass by and in the shimmer of  thick glass beads resting on the necks of married women.

As soon as the first day of Shrawan (a Nepali month) lands the festival of green floods the roads, markets and homes of Nepal. Every Monday throughout this month women observe a fast for the long life of their husbands and worship Lord Shiva for the fulfilment of their desires. Temples like Pashupatinath are flooded by devoted women who pray for the well being of their husbands.

Women adorn themselves with red or green apparels added with green, yellow or red glass beads (Pote) and glass bangles. Some even paint their hands with Mehendi infused with the rich aroma of Henna plant. And if they’re feeling extra frisky they paint their nails with the themed green colour and get their nails perfectly manicured. Even unmarried women zealously participate and worship Shiva with expectations to have a good husband in the future.

Nail Art by: We R stylish, Kupondole 

Like the intricate Pote that only retains its beauty by connecting with each and every bead, the significance of this festival lies in connecting with people and inviting cohesion.  Families often invite their married daughters and sisters for feasts while women exchange green Pote and bangles as gifts during this esteemed season.

But like every other day we wait for patiently only to end so fast, Shrawan Sangranti ends for the year only to return with more colours, devotion and clamour the next year.


Shuvekshya Limbu is a writer at nepaltraveller.com. An avid reader and traveller who has travelled to Hogwarts and Middle Earth and lived to tell the tale. She spends her time discussing literature and metaphors of life.   

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