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  •   2017-07-12  |  nepaltraveller.com

A garden restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu is the ideal place to enjoy good food and the monsoons when everything is so green and fresh

There are countless restaurants in Kathmandu where you get an array of food ranging from Korean to Japanese to Italian. But it’s not often that you get invited to a garden restaurant that servers European cuisines with a classic French touch. Such a place is Pauline’s Garden where you can spend your afternoons drinking coffee or wine overlooking a well-kept garden while reading a book or working on your laptop.

Pauline’s Garden is located in a quiet alley in Balwatar, away from the chaos and dusty roads of Kathmandu valley. There is a sign at the restaurant that says  “Hot Beer, Lousy Food and Bad Service”, but we experienced exactly the opposite. The drinks were ice cold, the food was absolutely delicious and the service was top notch. Once you enter the garden you are in a different world altogether with it's beautiful ambiance. The garden is filled with plants, flowers and trees and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed.


To start with we were greeted with an iced coffee and mint lemonade which was very refreshing on a hot sunny day. That was accompanied by conversation with the owner Pauline, who’s been here in Nepal for a decade now. She also has a boutique hotel in Babarmahal Revisited called 3 rooms by Pauline which has a rustic European feel to it while giving it a Nepali touch.  

For starters we chose the grilled prawns which was scrumptious with rich flavour and texture. As appealing as it was to the eyes, its taste was very satisfying. Along with the grilled prawns, we also went for the cheese stick that came with a flavourful cocktail sauce. The cheese is rich in flavour and is produced by Pauline’s brother who is known for his high quality French cheese production in Nepal.

We also tried the ham and cheese Bruschetta which was something I really enjoyed. It was a perfect blend of tomatoes and herbs, with two kinds of melted cheese and ham on a grilled baguette rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

Grilled Prawns

Ham and cheese Bruschetta

Cheese stick with cocktail sauce 

Pauline recommended the Caprese Salad which was amazing. This Italian dish included mozzarella and tomato that blended very well with basil and olive oil. The cheese was mature and combined very well with tomato and basil. A must try for those who want to stay healthy but love cheese. Along with that, Pauline’s Garden also offers French and Italian salads that are sure to please you.

Caprese Salad

Before the main course arrived, we were already quite full with all the food we had indulged in but Pauline insisted we try the roasted chicken leg with mustard sauce. In hindsight I think if I hadn’t tried that I would have really regretted it. The chicken was very tender and juicy and had wonderfully distinct flavours, especially of the mushrooms that topped the chicken and gave it a unique taste. The creamy mustard sauce also truly complemented the dish.

Roasted chicken leg with mustard sauce

The garden restaurant also offers pastas, lasagnes, soups and sandwiches that are sure to make you coming back for more. Overall Pauline’s Garden offers you a refreshing and peaceful experience. It’s a place that offers you a variety of good food, beverages and also a shisha for those who want that experience it. It’s an ideal place for office lunch and dinners and has been well received by both locals and expats.

The Garden also features a terrace with a roof from where you can enjoy the monsoon drizzle. The casual atmosphere, the garden surroundings, and the well-rounded menu selection create a great experience for any occasion.

For more information: 

Address: Aanek Marg, Balwatar ( Next to Gate No. 3 of Pime Minister quarter)

Timing: Noon - 9 PM (Closed on Mondays) 

Phone: 01-4221537

Email: contact@thepaulines.com



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