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Master Chef Shi Xilin’s menu at the Arniko Room raises the bar for Sichuan cuisine

Arniko Chinese Room at Hotel Annapurna is a place of exotic taste full of tasty surprises. If you happen to walk through the foyer of the restaurant you’ll be invited by the cosiest interior with its dim and alluring ambience. The light from the florescent lamps casts a warm glow over the entire restaurant, reflecting a sharp glint of light on the perfectly arranged ceramics on the table. But what makes the restaurant most worthy in the valley is its serving of the most delicious and tempting Chinese food.

Add the authentic creations of Master Chef Shi Xilin the food cannot get any better than that. With his visit to Nepal he has set the bar quite high for aspiring chefs in the creation of Sichuan cuisine that he has spent 25 years perfecting. Sichuan cuisine is known for its distinctly spicy and flavourful dishes along with fresh and healthy ingredients. And each dish created by Master Chef Shi Xilin is not exempt from these along with maintaining the true authenticity of Sichuan cuisine.

The most interesting thing about Chinese food is the way food travels before landing immaculately on our tables. The chef briskly adds the freshly cut vegetables and puts them into the heated pan as the hot steam immediately rises in the air. Then goes the tiny pinches of spices when the chef artfully loosens his fingers over the steaming pan with so much concern and attention. Then he flips the contents like a juggler only to grasp it perfectly with precision. The food is deemed ready only when the colour and consistency is correct, and it is finally presented on the white plates.

Starting off with delicious starters to satisfy eager taste buds was Chilli Bean Fish, Sliced Fish Crispy Fried with Chilli Bean Sauce. The first bite was like tiny explosions of flavour on the palate; some sweet, sour and hot. But it all seemed to fit together without any obstacle creating a distinct yet divine taste. Similarly other dishes were not so far behind in their quality and taste. For instance Chicken with Dry Red Chilli, Battered Fried Chicken with dry red chilli and Sichuan pepper was close to home and brought back memories of late Christmas dinners. It was coupled with fresh green vegetables; something that would be made at home by mum to be enjoyed with rice and lentils.

Chinese cuisine cannot be imagined without noodles as it is their staple. All of these tasty starters tasted even wonderful when combined with noodles and Shandong noodle was the perfect fit. Our plate now looked perfect with a tiny snippet of every taste. The noodles along with the Stir-Fry Five Vegetable balanced the spicy and sweet taste of the other dishes without making it too overpowering.

Chinese cuisine as part of the traditional Asian cuisine is growing in popularity all over the world, and Nepal is no exception. From modest Chinese restaurants to posh restaurants in hotels, Chinese is available everywhere. The primary reason behind this, as the Chef states is that Nepali cuisine bears striking similarity to Chinese in its spicy and hot taste along with the use of wild pepper that is not widely used in other cultures.


So, for the ultimate experience of Sichuan cuisine do not miss the exclusive menu at Arniko Chinese room at Hotel Annapurna which will only be served for the next 15 days.   


Arniko Chinese Room, Hotel Annapurna

Duration: July 1 – July 15

Time: After noon everyday

Phone: +977 14221711




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