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Hotel Annapurna redefines the taste of Mango at The Coffee Shop

Anyone fond of mangoes will definitely love the exciting list of cuisines The Coffee Shop at Hotel Annapurna has to offer as part of its Mad for Mangoes scheme. The menu has taken the taste of mangoes to an entirely different sphere; one I never imagined to be possible. Here, mangoes are not just mere ingredients for a meal, they are treated in a way a coin collector would look after his rare coin collection. Mangoes of different breeds, such as the Alfonso, are imported from Thailand; similarly Malgora and Dusheri are imported from India along with the local mangoes from Nepal. All these attempts are to deliver a special mango fusion dish.

Annapurna’s Mad about Mangoes menu is a pleasure for the eyes; a short list of interesting combination of foods and drink enough to tempt without confusion.

The mango food galore was astonishing, and so was the chef’s remarkable culinary art. The design of variations to assert a popping mango flavour as the core element of the food with varieties that included experimenting mango with chicken to trout and the popular dessert cheese cake could be seen here. I couldn't fathom how all these unlikely ingredients could combine with the rich taste of mango, and I found myself mistaken.

The drinks are well executed and well priced; The Mango Smoothie is fresh and creamy just enough to make one believe one was literally and figuratively, ‘drinking a mango’. Aam ka Panna freshly made from raw mango with cumin, mint and black salt had a roasted smell that gave it an almost savoury and tangy taste; a perfect drink to lounge under an umbrella on a hot day.

But the food exceeded far more than any expectations I had. The main reason that contributed so much to this creative mango menu was the use of the fresh mangoes of the mango season.  The joy of this happy fruit was evident in the lush bright coloured foods. I’d bet I would still feel hungry even if I’d just had a hefty meal.

One of the dishes that really stood out was the Dusheri Mango Salsa with Grilled Trout. At first the combination sounded bizarre to eat: fish and mango together that too seasoned with Salsa. But the first bite of the trout with the mango salsa proved me wrong, the experience gave tiny explosions of flavours to my taste buds; salty, tangy and sweet at some places but the combination seemed to reconcile and give it a distinct yet perfect taste.


All the fresh mangoes used in the menu were handpicked according to their taste: raw, tangy and ripe. The mangoes used for the dessert were ripe and had a rich bright yellow hue. Their taste was not short of their look. Banganapalle Mango Cheese Cake with a cheese layering had a sweet tinge of the mango twist. The interesting fact was that the cake was not baked but was set to give it a jelly-like texture almost bland in taste. Mango Split, wherein mango slices were set at the bottom was delectable; coupled with different flavoured ice cream it was distinctly pleasant on the tongue. The taste was a different experience altogether.

With the use of fresh ingredients, Mad about Mangoes has truly redefined what it means to have a seasonal produce as a core ingredient in a cuisine. The sweet, savoury taste of mangoes is rich and flowing in the dishes. It is perfect for lunch, dinner or breakfast as long as it awakens the senses with its divine taste. After a three course meal I was left wanting for more.          


For more information:

Date: 15th onwards

Time: Throughout the day

Venue: The Coffee Shop, Hotel Annapurna

Phone: +977 1 4221711

Shuvekshya Limbu is a Writer at Nepal Traveller.


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