A taste of summer at Shangri-la's The Lost Horizon Café

  •   2017-05-24  |  nepaltraveller.com

nepaltraveller.com enjoys Shangri-la's summer treat

It was mid-afternoon, but the heat was not smothering at the oasis of Shangri-la. Although the Lost Horizon Café, one of the popular restaurants for multinational cuisine inside Shangri-la's umbrella was quite busy with their guests, everybody seemed in a peaceful mood. It won't be wrong to say, the garden where the café spreads its wings is Shangri-la's vanity. The huge garden had also won an award some years ago for the finest lushness among the Kathmandu Hotels, but Shangri-la scores for many other reasons, one being their warm hospitality.

Shangri-la and its restaurant Lost Horizon Café are designed with red bricks and wood, which gives it a Nepali touch, but on the overall, this luxurious boutique hotel plays with simplicity. It does not outdo its décor and serves perfectly to its purpose: comfort and a good time.

Raj Kumar Adhikari, the executive Chef, had prepared a special menu that usually is dedicated to guests who just want to enjoy and relax at Shangri-la's expertise: meaning a fixed menu prepared according to the head Chef's signature.

We started with Mint flavoured cucumber and melon summer soup which was surprisingly very refreshing. The soup basically is made of blended spearmint, cucumber, and melon and is served chilled. Although the taste of spearmint is more overwhelming than the other ingredients, I enjoyed the fresh vigour.

However, the Fresh mango and young mesculin served with beet heart vinaigrette dressing salsa was a bit unsatisfactory for an appetizer, as I quite didn't like the fusion of mango with crunchy raw onion and capsicum. However, some might still like it for its crunchiness and its variety in flavour as a salad salsa.

The main course Fish Piccata in mushroom thyme sauce served with vegetable was light and fulfilling. The Fish Piccata is basically white fish wrapped in parmesan cheese and celery sauce served with asparagus and carrot. The rich taste of the fish was what I loved the most about this dish, although for people who like spice they might find this dish mild.

But the most interesting dish came at the last – the dessert which was fried ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce. This is also Chef Raj Kumar's trick on plate – the vanilla ice-cream is enveloped in a ball of fried crushed corn flakes. And the fusion is joyful because when you scoop the ice-cream thinking it might have melted down due to the frying process, the surprise is the ice-cream is still a whole retaining its original taste.

"During summer we prefer something light and refreshing and that is why I have designed this menu accordingly," says the master Chef Raj Kumar Adhikari who looks content after serving me his culinary art for lunch.

Adhikari is also the one behind Shangri-la's special bamboo biryani which is rice and chicken mixed in spices, prepared by stuffing them into a raw bamboo log that is burnt on fire till the outer layer of the bamboo turns into charcoal. However, for this mouth-watering platter, you will have to contact the restaurant a bit earlier as the process takes a good time to cook. But, besides this, you can also enjoy the Last Horizon Café for Indo-Nepali, oriental, Thai, continental cuisines.

The Last Horizon also offers a special menu for children under the heading ‘Around the Kids Planets' and the set of choices are quite amusing and enchanting.

So, the next time you want to make up for a relaxing lunch time at Lazimpat, you know where to be.

Summer Special 

For the sweltering hot weather, Shangrila has also introduced summer freshers that guests can enjoy while lazing around the pool and garden area. Beat the heat this summer with Shangrila's special: fried ice cream served with hot chocolate sauce, cassata ice cream with nut nougatin, banana split with rainbow, mango compote with mango ice cream and kesar pistachio ice cream. Enjoy the different flavors of smoothies such as vanilla mint, vanilla strawberry, honey and banana, rose flavored ice cream, fresh mint and mango and kiwi smoothies. Shangrila is all set to satisfy your frozen summer cravings. 



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